A guide for how to possibly change the screen size for Fortnite Chapter 2 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has just launched following a black hole that had nervous nellies worried that Epic Games had done the absurd in killing their cash-cow. Fortunately, Elon Musk never went through with his fiendish plan to buy the game just to delete it, and Battle Royale participants can now experience a whole new map on boats. Alas, the arrival of the Chapter 2 Season 1 launch has reintroduced a familiar bug, so below you can find out how to possibly change the screen size on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fortnite: How to change screen size on PS4

Epic Games is aware of the Fortnite Chapter 2 screen size dilemma, so hopefully the issue will be fixed on their end sooner rather than later.

If you wish to change the screen size yourself though on PS4, there are multiple possible actions for you to take.

You can first access the picture settings on your television to turn Overscan off by changing the picture zoom to Full or Screen Fit. This is said to have worked for people in the past on Reddit.

Messing about with other display settings on your television has the added benefit of allowing you to remain in-game to see what ratios are better than others.

As for in the PlayStation 4 menu, you can proceed to Settings, Sound and Screen, and then Display Area Settings to enlarge or shrink the display. This isn’t the best method though as it requires you to exit the game.

Another possible method on Sony’s console involves enabling Uncap Framerate and Invert View in the Game menu (via Gamepur). You can disable these options straight afterwards.

Fortnite: How to change screen size Xbox One

For Xbox One you’ll want to do the same as with PS4 by first rummaging through the screen settings on your television.

If that doesn’t work or offer any improvements, then you can try following the below steps:

Hopefully the above information will provide a temporary fix to the screen size dilemma on consoles, but – if not – then the answer is to wait for a patch from Epic Games.

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