An answer to the following question: when does Overwatch release on the Nintendo Switch?

The Overwatch community and even US senators are currently unhappy with Blizzard allowing themselves to be “humiliated” to please the Chinese Communist Party, and this has resulted in the game’s fanbase attempting to get it banned in said country by making Mei a symbol of Hong Kong resistance. However, away from that depressing controversy, Nintendo Switch owners simply want to know when the popular online game releases on their console.

Before buying Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch you should know that its physical copy merely includes a download code rather than a cartridge, meaning you may as well as buy it digitally instead (unless you’re that desperate for an empty case).

In more exciting news for the overall community though, it’s highly likely that Blizzard’s annual Overwatch Halloween event will commence on all platforms as soon as the game becomes playable on the Nintendo Switch.

When can you play Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch?

Overwatch launches for the Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, October 15th, and according to a supposed retailer on Reddit it will be playable from 19:00 BST (11:00 PST).

Blizzard’s game will reportedly only be playable from the above times thanks to the servers. The playable times aren’t all that surprising as they’re when previous Overwatch events made their debut.

Dexerto is unsure as to whether the Overwatch: Legendary Edition will launch with Competitive Mode, but the Nintendo Switch version does have pre-order bonuses such as a Noire skin for Widowmaker.

In addition, the game will also launch with all the content released so far (31 heroes and 28 maps), plus it’ll arrive with 15 free skins to equip as soon as you wish.