Sanditon's un-inspiring ending explained: Fans think Jane Austen would be turning in her grave!

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ITV's Sanditon has come to an end and its ending has divided the opinion of viewers.

After spending the last eight weeks getting hooked on the story of Sanditon's Charlotte Heywood and Sidney Parker, fans of the series and the legendary writer Jane Austen have been left somewhat disappointed by the ending of the show.

While many were expecting a typically hope-filled happy and romantic ending, what we got instead was a gloomy finale that saw the star-struck pair part ways.

It's safe to say that the unfulfilling ending has left viewers wondering what might have been with many claiming that a second season is needed to give the characters the happy ending they deserve. 

Whether or not that happens remains to be seen but just why was Sanditon's ending so downcast compared with Jane Austen's usual work?

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The story of Sanditon

Sanditon tells the story of Charlotte Heywood as she moves into the seaside town of Sanditon as it looks to rebrand itself as a luxury holiday location rather than a damp and dreary fishing port.

Being an exceptionally pretty and single individual, Charlotte quickly grasps the attention of a number of Sanditon's most prominent townsfolk, chief among them being the tall, dark and handsome Sidney Parker.

It doesn't take long for the pair to hit it off but complications arise in the pair's relationship, something that comes to light in the series finale.

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Sanditon's ending explained

The final episode of Sanditon sees Charlotte Heywood leave town after arriving just eight episodes prior.

During the episode we see her and Sidney share a hot steamy kiss but as the episode continues they come to the realisation that their love affair cannot proceed as Sidney is promised to another woman. 

Despite the pair's obvious connection, Charlotte reminds him of his commitments, much to her and the audience's dismay. 

The show's dour ending is a far cry from Jane Austen's often uplifting tales and there's a very good reason for that. 

Jane Austen never actually finished Sanditon and left the story incomplete so that it might inspire others to finish the story themselves.

Naturally, there have been tens of adaptations all of which take a slightly different route with their story.

For ITV's adaptation, it is Andrew Davies, the screenwriter for both Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility who takes the writing reigns in this instance. 

Due to the unfinished nature of the novel, ITV's Sanditon offers up Davies's own interpretations of the story.

As a result, what we get is something inspired by Jane Austen's Sanditon rather than something that is Jane Austen's Sanditon. 

If viewers really are that unhappy with the ending of ITV's version, there are a number of other tellings that offer up much different endings for Charlotte Heywood and co.

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What viewers made of the ending

As mentioned, most of the comments about the ending of ITV's Sanditon haven't exactly been full of praise. 

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