Epic Games’ season 10 destroying black hole has a select number of fans concerned that Fortnite is over.

Fortnite season 10 wasn’t a smooth ride thanks to its multiple controversies, but – at the very least – it was more exciting than watching a black hole do nothing but show a bunch of numbers. This very event has caused a lot of speculation about when season 11 will start and when the game will be back online, but there is actually a select number of people who are genuinely worried that the Battle Royale title’s existence is over.

Epic Games’ Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in the world and it has been used this year to promote a bunch of movies, Netflix series and other video games such as John Wick Chapter 3, Stranger Things and Borderlands 3. Speculation about its upcoming next season also suggests that there will be a bunch of changes to its map and more.

And the aforementioned rumour does suggest that the Fortnite we know and love is well and truly over with but not in the devastating way that has caused a minute number of fans to panic.

Some fans believe Fortnite is over

The Fortnite black hole has surprised a lot of Battle Royale participants, causing them to do nothing but stare at a screen while hopelessly putting two-and-two together to equal five.

A number of fans have reacted to the event on Twitter with a bunch of amusing posts, but there is a very small minority who appear to genuinely believe that Epic Games has done the absurd in killing their cash cow.

As pointed out by a lot Fortnite players, the unthinkable doomsday hasn’t happened nor is it going to happen any time soon.

Is Fortnite over?

No, Fortnite is not over or shutting down. Elon Musk hasn’t really deleted it, nor has the ginger prince of the United Kingdom fulfilled his mission of cleansing the world of its oh-so terrible existence.

The start date for season 11 hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but there are rumours that suggest it will probably commence on October 17th. Not only that, but it will likely be referred to as Fortnite Chapter 2 rather than season 11.

And, if the Apple leak is true, fans can expect a brand new playground to kill their mates in, along with a bunch of other fresh additions.