The Kraken Screamfest: London's hottest Halloween party for rum fanatics


What better way to get boozy this Halloween than at a bar designed by a legendary Hollywood horror director?

Kraken Black Spiced Rum have commissioned Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers and Game of Thrones) to design a truly terrifying night out for any brave partygoers.

Neil Marshall certainly has spooky credentials, The Descent is regarded as one of the best horror films of recent decades. The Geordie director has promised more of the same and has described the pop up event as a “one-of-a-kind horror experience”.

The event will take place in a top secret location in the very depths of London town. Backed by the delicious Kraken Rum, the bar will be staffed by ghoulish workers under the command of one of horror’s most nefarious imaginations, there promises to be shocks and surprises around every corner.

Screamfest Portrait


Marshall described this project with Kraken as “inspired by the legendary sea beast, giving people who love my films the opportunity to step into what lurks within my mind when it comes to these creative processes”.

The bar will be serving a menu of specially designed Kraken Rum cocktails, whipped up by ‘The Risen’. Tickets are priced at £25 with each ticket including three Kraken cocktails and access to the most frightening boozer in the capital.

Kraken Screamfest: Director’s Cut will be open for two days from the 31st October - 1st November.

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