The Name of the Rose is getting a brand new adaptation but does the BBC series stay true to the original Italian roots?

The BBC has always had a penchant for drama and it’s just about to add another show to its long list of series.

Namely, The Name of the Rose, an adaptation of the Umberto Eco novel of the same name. 

The series is full of religious and political intrigue as well as throwing a murder mystery in for good measure and will no doubt have audiences enthralled when it hits our screens at 9pm on Friday, October 11th on BBC Two.

But just where was the 2019 adaptation of The Name of the Rose filmed? Does it stick to Umberto Eco’s Italian origins?

What is The Name of the Rose about?

The Name of the Rose tells the story of an over-inquisitive friar who becomes embroiled in a dark-natured conspiracy after a string of mysterious deaths at an isolated abbey. 

John Turturro takes on the starring role in the series as William of Baskerville, the enlightened friar whose description in the original novel linked him incredibly to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. 

He’s joined in the cast by the likes of Rupert Everett, Michael Emerson and Peter Davison among others. 

Other adaptations

As the original Il nome della rosa novel, to give it its Italian title, was such a well-received book, it’s hardly surprising that the 2019  TV series is not the first adaptation of the story. 

In 1986, former James Bond actor Sean Connery took on the role of William of Baskerville in a film adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel, something which was a far cry from his action-heavy roles in the James Bond franchise that he’s best known for.

Where was the 2019 series filmed?

The original story of The Name of the Rose takes place in a secluded monastery in the hills of Northern Italy.

Naturally, a lot of the filming in The Name of the Rose series takes place at the Castello de Roccascalegna, a stunning hilltop castle about 200km south-east of Rome. 

On top of that, a large chunk of filming also took place in the Cinecitta Studios in Rome as well as throughout Italy. 

It’s impressive to see that the series has maintained its Italian roots but audiences will no doubt be hoping for a solid series to get their teeth stuck into, regardless of where it’s set. 

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