Riverdale is back!

After a break of just four months since the end of season 3, the popular drama series Riverdale has returned for its season 4 premiere.

The new season debuted on The CW in the US and Netflix here in the UK on October 9th, 2019 and new episodes are scheduled to go up weekly.  

But just how many episodes will season 4 have in total?

Riverdale’s return for season 4

The first episode in the new season is the first since the untimely death of star Luke Perry in March 2019.

Perry played Fred Andrews in the series and naturally, the season 4 premiere makes no small point about this as Fred Andrews is tragically killed off-screen in one final act of heroism.

The episode, of course, pays tribute to the late actor who had become a fan-favourite after three seasons on the show. 

How many episodes in the new season?

After the first season ran with just 13 episodes, each series since has featured a whopping 22 episodes.

Thankfully for viewers, season 4 is no different which means that new episodes are set to be heading our way for the next five and a half months.

When is the finale?

Given the length of Riverdale’s fourth season, the latest batch of episodes isn’t scheduled to conclude until May 14th, 2020.

We’re afraid that means a long wait until the season finale but there’s plenty of Riverdale to enjoy before then though.

Fans in the US can catch new episodes when they air on The CW while UK viewers can catch new episodes and re-watch the entire series on Netflix.

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