The Netflix anime series Seis Manos has scripts for season 2 as well as plans for even more seasons.

Although it’s not technically anime due to having been made by a studio outside of Japan, the Netflix series Seis Manos is a unique ode to the genre which incorporates pretty much everything from bloody martial arts to supernatural mystery. The series has been well received thanks to its unique cocktail of different genres and cultures, and fans will be pleased to know that there are already scripts for season 2 as well as plans for beyond.

Seis Manos is the creation of Alvaro Rodriguez and Brad Graeber (who works for Castlevania‘s Powerhouse Animation) and it’s the former who has revealed the exciting news about the possibility of a second season for fans. The series definitely isn’t a hit during its first few episodes, but it later becomes a more graceful and adult animation that will leave you hankering for more by its climax.

What is Seis Manos?

Speaking at New York Comic-Con, one of the show’s co-creators, Alvaro Rodriguez, described Seis Manos as “Machete meets Kill Bill on the set of Coco.” He also revealed that before landing a deal with Netflix, there were people who loved the idea but were afraid to produce it thanks it not being anime which is distinctively Japanese. To this Rodriguez responded by saying Seis Manos is instead “Mexicanime.” (via SyFy Wire)

And it’s this bold and bizarre mishmash of titles and cultures that makes Seis Manos a hard to swallow cocktail that later transforms into a satisfying and tasty beverage with a kick. It stars notable actors such as Aislinn Derbez as Isabela and Jonny Cruz as Jesus, as well as From Dusk Til Dawn‘s Danny Trejo as El Blade, but it’s the catastrophic on paper mishmash of ideas that make Seis Manos a spectacle to watch.

The series focuses on three Mexican orphans who have been trained in martial arts by a Chinese sensei, and they use their acquired talents in badassery to protect their small town from demonic creatures. And yes, it’s bloody, brutal and unapologetically gory.

It hasn’t been renewed for a second season as of yet, but positive responses such as it having been dubbed “the Citizen Kane of Mexican anime” help open the door for it possibly returning in the future. Especially with scripts for a season 2 already existing.

Will there be a Seis Manos season 2?

Seis Manos hasn’t been renewed for a season 2 as of writing.

With that being said, it’s plausible that another season will happen thanks to the positive responses it has received. Plus, series’ co-creator Brad Graeber has admitted that there are existing scripts for a second season.

“We have scripts for a Season 2 and plans for more seasons after that,” Graeber told Bubble Blabber (via Bustle). “Hopefully people will enjoy the series, and we will get to keep telling stories with these characters.”

You can watch Seis Manos season 1 on Netflix.

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