Viewers will need the same amount of stamina as the triathletes themselves if they want to follow all of the Ironman action.

The Ironman World Championship, and no this has nothing to do with Marvel’s Tony Stark, is on the horizon once again with the annual event taking place this year on Saturday, October 12th. 

Much like every event for the past 40 years, 2019’s Ironman Championship is to be held on the stunning volcanic islands of Hawaii with the town of Kailua-Kona playing host to the race’s start and finishing lines.

The event has become one of the sporting calendar’s bonafide highlights and pits some of the strongesta and fittest triathletes in the world against each other. 

But how can viewers tune into the event if they aren’t able to watch live in Hawaii?

What is Ironman Kona? 

Ironman Kona is simply another name given to the Ironman World Championship event that takes place in the Hawaiin town of Kailua-Kona each year. 

The event first began back in 1978 on the Hawaiin island of Oahu when the Waikiki Rough-Water Swim, Around-Oahu Bike Race and Honolulu Marathon were combined to form arguably the toughest triathlon on Earth. 

As the event grew, organisers moved the Ironman World Championship to the much less urbanised Big Island in 1981 while still keeping the competition’s events essentially the same.

Kailua-Kona has hosted the event every year since and 2019 is shaping up to be another great and gruelling year for the triathlon and triathletes respectively.

How to watch the Ironman World Championship

While the Ironman Championships won’t feature on TV here in the UK, viewers needn’t worry as IRONMAN now has got you covered.

The Facebook page will be bringing you all the live coverage from the event, just as it did in 2018.

Coverage of the event is set to get underway on Saturday, October 12th from 3:30pm UK time with a pre-event build-up show with coverage of the race itself not starting until 5:10pm UK time according to Tri247.

The event isn’t exactly a short one and is expected to run deep into the night for UK viewers so if you intend on watching the whole thing, you’re going to need the same amount of stamina as those actually competing.

A record-breaking year?

There’s certainly plenty of reason to be excited for the 2019 Ironman Championship as we could well be in store for another record-breaking year.

For the first time in the event’s history, German triathlete Patrick Lange managed to break the eight-hour mark, the first competitor to do so since the triathlon was first introduced.

For context, the victor of the first-ever Ironman Championships won with a time of 11:46:58 (11 hours, 46 mins, 58 seconds).

In 40 years, the winning time has decreased by almost four hours, an incredible feat. 

The question is, can Patrick Lange or another competitor improve on the competition’s record time once again in 2019?

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