Barney the Dinosaur is how old?

We all know of Barney the Dinosaur. Whether you view him as a cuddly token of your childhood youth or an unsettling 6ft purple dinosaur, you’re bound to have seen him grace TV screens over the years.

From his cutesy songs and adorable dino friends, Barney has made quite the impact on children’s television since he first appeared.

It’s not uncommon for viewers to look back over the shows of their childhood and retrospectively consider them bizarre and often downright creepy. The garish colours, the vacant stares, even the universes they inhabit are inevitably called into question.

But recently, Barney viewers have stumbled on a fact which has left some baffled beyond belief and it’s all about the dinosaur’s age.

So, how old is Barney the Dinosaur really?

When was Barney born?

If we’re being specific, this is a two-fold question; when Barney the Dinosaur and when Barney the fictional character were born are two separate events.

The character of Barney was created by Sheryl Leach in 1987, which would mean Barney is currently 32-years-old. Now that will make you feel old!

As for Barney the Dinosaur, we can’t give a birthdate as, well, he is a fictional dinosaur. Sheryl may have his birthday stored as a mental note, but that kind of information isn’t in the public domain.

Barney’s birth date in dino years

When viewers googled how old Barney was, we assume many were expecting to find out how old the show was, or how long it had been running.

To the surprise of many, Google offered up the single answer of “200 million years old.”

“200 million years,” we hear you gasp.

As Barney is intended to be a cuddly version of a Tyrannosaurus rex, this is historically completely inaccurate. Yes, we take this seriously.

According to National Geographic, the T.rex lived in the Cretaceous period which was between 145 and 66 million years ago. It is generally agreed that the T.rex were extinct towards the end of this period.

So, that means Barney predates all other Tyrannosaurus rexes. In fact, Barney was living on earth when Pangea existed and all that was scampering across the single landmass were little lizard-like dinosaurs.

Are we all just living on Barney time?

As Barney has not aged a minute since 1987, many have wondered if he ages at all. Either that or he owns a fantastic face cream.

But it has been revealed that Barney is in fact two-years-old… well two ‘dinosaur years’ old.

So, if one dinosaur year is 100 million years for humans, are we all just living on Barney time, ageing while he does not?

It’s probably not worth dwelling on, but he’s definitely meant to be very, very old.

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