Liverpool will travel to Old Trafford after the international break to take on struggling Manchester United.

Danny Mills has claimed that Manchester United are ‘still a bigger club’ than Liverpool as he lauded them for what they have achieved during these past 25 years. 

Former England defender Mills hasn’t adhered himself to the Liverpool faithful recently because he did amazingly question, on TalkSport, Jurgen Klopp’s trophy haul at the club.

Understandably that was met with a heavy reaction, and rightly so, as he now weighed in on the debate of who is the bigger club between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Well, half of Merseyside will be fuming again with Mills’ comments because he has told Kick-Off on TalkSport (09/10/2019 at 7:20 pm), that he thinks that United are still bigger because of what they have achieved recently. 

“It’s such a difficult one,” Mills told TalkSport. “I think you have to go in terms of modern-day big clubs. In my opinion, and this is difficult, Manchester United are still the bigger club.

“Take away this year, maybe even last year, but the recent history of the past 25 years of what they have won and what they have done on a global scale. 

“You still go around the world and it’s still a fine split, depending on which country you go to, whether it’s majority Manchester United or majority Liverpool, especially when you go the far East and when you go to Asia. But I think, at the moment, Manchester United are still the bigger club.” 

Mills has, of course, looked at recent history and backed Manchester United, whilst the Liverpool supporters will look before that a make an argument for themselves. 

Added with that, in June, Liverpool lifted their sixth European crown and that is another source of argument the Liverpool supporters would use in order to make their point.  

Nonetheless, both will meet one another after the international break, with Jurgen Klopp’s side sitting top of the Premier League, whilst United are in the bottom half and are struggling pretty badly. 

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