Actor and comedian Bryan Callen linked up with Todd Phillips again in Joker but you’ll have to be eagle-eyed to spot him.

You’d be surprised just how many cameos make it into films and TV shows. 

Very often, there are at least one or two well-known faces who make it into a film, whether they’re long-time collaborators of a film director, a well-known celebrity or even the film’s director.

In the case of Todd Phillips’ Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker, the are a number of familiar faces who make their way into the background of the film. 

One of the more prominent, however, is the cameo of Bryan Callen, a regular performer in Todd Phillips films but his role is so minor that if you blink, you might miss him. 

Who is Bryan Callen?

Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian who has worked with Joker director Todd Phillips on four occasions that we know of.

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The pair first linked up in the 2003 film Old School, before reuniting in 2009 for Phillips’ comedy classic The Hangover as well as its 2011 sequel.

Joker represents the duo’s fourth collaboration with each other in their respective careers.

What else has he been in?

Aside from Todd Phillips movies, Bryan Callen has had a successful career of his own, starring in several stand-up comedy shows, appropriate for something like Joker, as well as a number of other films and TV shows. 

Bryan Callen boasts over 90 film and TV appearances according to IMDb, with major roles including appearances in The West Wing, Bad Santa, Scary Movie 4, How I Met Your Mother, and Ride Along to name just a few.  

His role in Joker

Bryan Callen’s role in Joker is a minor cameo role at best. 

According to the film’s cast lists, Callen takes on the role of Haha’s Stripper. Essentially, he’s a colleague of Arthur at his clown job but rather than donning the makeup and red nose, Bryan’s character has a far more lewd role.

Fans will have to be eagle-eyed to spot him, however, as he only appears in the background of scenes in the Haha’s changing room.

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