Who is Zomboat actress Leah Brotherhead? Instagram, character, roles!


"This is gonna be tough for you because you've not seen a single George A. Romero film."

You've seen Snakes on a Plane, zombies on a train in Train to Busan and more as the horror genre has found more and more inventive ways to bring deadly threats to public transport. 

Now, hold tight as a bunch of zombies invade a boat in this British comedy-horror gem, Zomboat!

Big fan of the undead sub-genre? We don't blame you. We've seen it take on many forms, from the sheer terror of Danny Boyle's modern-classic 28 Days Later to the action-packed humour of 2009's Zombieland. One of the genre's greatest highlights was undoubtedly Edgar Wright's endlessly quotable Shaun of the Dead - if you agree, you'll be pleased to know that this latest series on ITV2 is very much in the same vein as that game-changing masterclass. 

So, if the long-anticipated return of The Walking Dead has given you zombie fever once again, Zomboat! acts as a really nice antidote to the AMC show's darker tone, offering some great laughs and helpings of gore.


Meet Zomboat actress Leah Brotherhead

Leah tackles the role of Kat - a videogame nut - who becomes wise to the ensuing zombie apocalypse descending upon Birmingham, using her knowledge to better the mindless hordes. 

It's a familiar premise but one elevated by some stellar gags, one-liners and an impressive performance from Leah in particular. 

One fan wrote on Twitter as the episode one air date approached: "I am so excited #Zomboat starts tonight!!! You guys @CaraTheobold and @BrotherheadLeah are AMAZING in it. Kat may be my patronus." She does shine, admittedly, boasting some of the funniest lines and self-reflective remarks about the genre at wide. 

A number of audiences seemed to recognise her from somewhere - what has she been in? Well, we'll tell you!

Leah Brotherhead: Movies & TV

The British actress first appeared on screens back in 2011 in the short film Jess//Jim. She took on the role of Jess in this rom-com telling the brief tale of two people who harbour a charming connection while living in the city. 

It's a sweet little film certainly worth seeking out, and while little known, the next project she starred in has real prestige amongst fans of British TV. Leah played the role of Maisie Jones in the series Vera starring the great Brenda Blethyn (Secrets & Lies) in the titular role. 

Additionally, she appeared in Doctors (she played Nell Prescott/Alice Ainsworth), Casualty (Sarah Hammond) and Boy Meets Girl (Nancy). However, her most recent role in the run-up to Kat in Zomboat! came in the hilarious TV series White Gold (she played Stacey). It stars former Inbetweeners actors James Buckley and Joe Thomas - definitely worth watching if you haven't already.

Reflecting on her screen work so far, Zomboat! stands out as her most substantial yet. We expect we'll see more soon! 

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Follow her on Instagram!

If you want to keep up to date with any potential forthcoming roles, we imagine her Instagram would be the best place to keep in the loop.

You can find her over at @leahbrotherhead; she has 514 followers. 

In an earlier post ahead of the programme's release, she wrote: "Zomboat starts next Tuesday 10 pm ITV2. Just watch it for god's sake thankyou ZOMBIES ARE COMIIING."

We hope you're enjoying it!

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