For anyone growing up in the early Noughties, miniature Petit Filous yogurts were the holy grail of lunchbox envy.

The dilemma of lunchtime swapsies often came down to one simple question; are you a cookies and milk type of guy or more inclined for a bottle of fresh orange juice?

But whatever your 12-year-old palette lusted for during the early noughties there was one lunchbox item that always stole the show.

Forget Cheesestrings, Wagon Wheels and Fruit Winders, we’re talking about Petit Filous yogurt pots.

A Snack My B*tchUp Classic

Instagram account @snackmybitchup recently threw a whole shade of nostalgia our way when they got their mittens on a pair of vanilla and chocolate Petit Filous yogurt pots.

Petit Filous is a baby product of the recognised Yoplait yogurt business, who also own the deliciously squeezable Wildlife Choobs and Frubes products, alongside grab-and-go pot Yop.

The Petit Filous meaning can be translated to “little rascals”, which lead to an advertising glow-up over the early 2000s despite the products sitting pretty in UK supermarket fridges since 1986.

The iconic Petit Filous girl

The brand played on their “little rascals” name over the years by incorporating adorably mischievous children into their TV adverts

In 2003, Lucy Joyce starred in one of the most iconic Petit Filous adverts. Snacking on a pot of Petit Filous and getting the type of calcium boost that Popeye would be jealous of, Lucy decided to win back her friends marbles by beating a group of boys in an arm wrestling competition.

Lucy was eight years old at the time of her first Filous advert and she has since continued a career in acting and modelling. She has starred in various TV series, including Waking the Dead, and has over 4,000 followers on Instagram.

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