The original producer for The Simpsons Hit and Run has said he “could” see a long-anticipated remake happening.

Matt Groening’s The Simpsons has annoyed us all for well over a decade by refusing to die, but we’d easily forgive Homer’s refusal to become and stay a mourned corpse if we actually one day received a Hit and Run Remake on PlayStation 4.

2020 will see the return of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom on modern consoles through a gorgeous-looking remaster, and no one would be upset – bar the people with sticks up their butts – if Hit and Run was to return also.

We don’t expect it to happen because god is rarely ever kind enough to give us what we want, so the latest tease could perhaps become the meanest nonchalant chinwag of all time.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Remake “could” happen

The Simpsons Hit and Run is one of those beloved PlayStation 2 Classics that gamers refuse to stop talking about and let go. And it’s no wonder when the experience was essentially Grand Theft Simpsons.

While it’s actually somewhat difficult to remember its story, the charm of The Simpsons Hit and Run was exploring Springfield in all its glory while mowing down countless civilians as a spikey-haired girl with the world’s most grating voice. Oh, and you could also play as Homer, Bart, Marge and – best of all – Apu.

The game also had costumes for you to unlock such as Bartman, various different cars to drive such as Mr. Plow, and this all came as a pair with some of the most infuriating races and missions of all time. And no, that’s not an exaggeration.

Being able to play The Simpsons Hit and Run on PS4 is something fans have clamoured for so much that they’ve actually created petitions in the past. With that context, it’s no surprise that adults are acting like their children over the recently reported possibility of a remake.

The game’s original producer, Vlad Ceraldi, has told LADbible that he could see a remake or remaster on multiple different types of platforms.

“It would be wonderful to reinvest in how you can control the characters, how you can control the world, how much of the world you can explore in detail,” said Ceraldi when discussing the prospect of a remake. “So there’s a lot more fidelity you can go for as far as content exploration than we were able to do in that particular era. There were a lot of references put into the game, but we didn’t get everything. There’s a lot more things that could be done and that would be fascinating for sure.”

Fans react to The Simpsons Hit and Run Remake tease

Following the recent reports about the possibility of The Simpsons Hit and Run being remade for various platforms, gamers have reacted to the news with excitement on Twitter.

In contrast to the excitement though, some people have reacted by saying it’s severely overrated, while one individual has made themselves eligible for locking away in an insane asylum by randomly requesting a remake for Sonic Heroes (a game that only good for its catchy intro song).

It’s unlikely that The Simpsons Hit and Run will ever be remade for PS4, Xbox One and so forth, but if it did the world could finally forgive Matt Groening for not putting the family to sleep.

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