Netflix: Who voices the phone in Big Mouth? Cellsea actress provides familiar face!

Big Mouth Cellsea

Netflix's Big Mouth is back for a third season and fans have been picking up on a certain new character's voice actor.

Big Mouth is back! The garish Netflix comedy returned for a third season on October 4th and fans have been eagerly binging their way through the new season. 

It didn't take viewers long then to come across the new season's third episode, which is titled and features the character 'Cellsea.'

What fans didn't expect was to hear a familiar voice erupt from the sentient phone and for it to start flirting with Nick.

But just who voices Cellsea and where do we know the voice actress from?  

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What is Big Mouth about?

Big Mouth follows an ever-growing group of 7th graders as they start to experience the hormonal hell-hole that is puberty.

We join Andrew, Nick and co as they begin to discover the wonders of school life while going through a heavy bout of puberty.

One of the series' biggest highlights has to be the so-called hormone monsters which hang over the characters' shoulders like sex advice-filled angels, or demons depending on your point of view.

Big Mouth

Who is Cellsea and who voices her?

Season 3's third episode introduces us to Nick's new phone, Cellsea, who turns out to be sentient and very flirtatious.

Fans of the show, as well as being taken aback by the new addition, quickly picked up on Cellsea's voice.

Cellsea is played by non-other than Chelsea Peretti, hence the name Cellsea.

Big Mouth Cellsea

What else has Chelsea Peretti been in?

Chelsea Peretti's role as Cellsea is not her first appearance in Big Mouth as she also took on the role of Monica Foreman-Greenwald in eight episodes of the series in both seasons 1 and 2. 

Aside from her appearances in Big Mouth, Chelsea is also well-known for her regular role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine where she plays Gina Linetti. 

Other prominent roles in her career include Parks and Recreation's Zelda as well as Glenda in 2018's Game Night.

According to IMDb, Chelsea has three roles in the works with appearances in the films Spinster, The Photograph and Friendsgiving all on the cards.  

And of course, you can catch Chelsea in Big Mouth season 3 on Netflix after it launched on October 4th.

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