How to score 6,000 or higher with a Koopaling driver in Mario Kart Tour.

Despite the uproar surrounding its lack of multiplayer and moustached plumbers who adore the colour green, Mario Kart Tour has surpassed 90 million downloads. And Nintendo has just treated all these players to the Tokyo Tour; an event which has introduced Princess Peach’s superior, Rosalina, as well as Rainbow Road. Below you’ll discover how to complete the score 6,000 or higher with a Koopaling driver challenge.

The Tokyo Tour event has commenced today and it finishes on October 22nd at 22:59 PT. It has brought Rosalina, Wario and additional baby drivers with it, along with the (in)famous Rainbow Road to the delight of us all gluttons for punishment.

Nintendo’s latest event also brings about an assortment of new challenges to complete and pull your hair out over.

Mario Kart Tour Koopaling drivers

In case you don’t know (even though we already know you do), Koopalings in Mario Kart Tour are seven childlike characters affiliated with Bowser.

And no, they are not Bowser’s children as the antagonist’s only mistake is Bowser Jr.

The Koopalings made their very first appearance in Super Mario 3 and then Super Mario World, and they have also appeared in Mario Kart 8. Now they wreak havoc in Mario Kart Tour.

You will need to race as one of them to complete the ‘score 6,000 or higher with a Koopling driver’ challenge. Their names are as follows:

  • Iggy
  • Larry
  • Lemmy
  • Ludwig
  • Morton
  • Roy
  • Wendy

Mario Kart Tour Koopalings: How to score 6,000 or higher

Once you’ve decided on your champion, you will then need to select the course you wish to complete the challenge on. There are obviously better courses than others for keeping a combo going, so the things you’ll want to look out for are plenty of ramps and turns for jump boosts and drift boosts.

In addition to ramps and plenty of turns, you will also need to take into consideration the placement of easily attainable coins. You will also need to be accurate when throwing items as hitting other drivers will keep the combo alive and moving along.

Finishing first rather than dead last will also help immensely, and – despite there being other viable courses to complete the challenge on – Gamepur has noted Tokyo Blur T as the easiest.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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