Joker is finally out in cinemas and is being heralded as one of 2019’s best films. Naturally, Joker has already been memed to hell on social media.

After several false starts, DC finally have a bonafide hit on their hands in the form of Joker, an origins story for the clown prince of crime.

Todd Phillips’ 2019 effort offers up a raw and visceral experience that is made complete thanks to the mind-boggling performance of Joaquin Phoenix.

The film is far from an easy watch, however, as we delve into the twisted mind of someone who can put their humanity to one side in favour of the clown-faced alter ego.

Despite the serious and gritty nature of the film, fans have quickly taken to social media to meme the hell out of the newly-released film. 

Joker: A different breed of comic book movie

While audiences have become used to the regular turnover of Marvel’s generic and cookie-cutter superhero flicks, DC’s Joker takes the comic book genre and turns it on its head.

NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2

Gone are the family-friendly heroes that are here to save the day and in their place, we find a lonely, mentally unwell and tortured individual who is almost suffocated by the weight of societal pressures who wants to break free from the prison that is his ordinary life.

As a result, what we get is one of the best comic book movies in years which has received no small amount of praise and criticism in equal measure. 

However, that still hasn’t stopped the internet taking the film and turning it into a whole raft of comedic memes.

Thirteen memes that turn tragedy into comedy

Despite the serious nature of Joker, fans of the film have wasted no time in turning scenes from the film and people’s reactions to the film into everyone’s favourite online creation, memes.

Is it right to ‘meme-ify’ Joker?

It’s far from surprising to see memes pop up on social media about the 2019 Joker movie, after all, it’s one of the biggest films of the year and has set the record for the biggest ever October box office takings. 

However, given the film’s serious message and almost inflammatory nature, taking the film and turning into memes almost defeats the point of it.

Regardless of whether or not it’s right to meme-ify Joker, it’s happened anyway and given the size of online social media, it’s not something that’s going to change. 

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