Nintendo has brought Rosalina to Mario Kart Tour along with the series (in)famous Rainbow Road.

Goodbye New York and hello Tokyo! The Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event has commenced and it brings the additions of Princess Peach’s superior Rosalina, along with the series’ most (in)famous course Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart Tour has some notable omissions with the likes of Luigi missing, but the inclusion of Space Princess Rosalina is exciting for those who enjoy her more than the damsel in distress worse than Mary Jane, Princess Preach. She also comes with Rainbow Road, which is Christmas come early for all the people who prayed for its arrival yesterday.

Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about the Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event.

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo introduces Rosalina and Rainbow Road

Mario Kart Tour has received a lot of complaints about its gold pass subscription and microtransactions, but that hasn’t stopped it from surpassing 90 million downloads to become Nintendo’s biggest mobile launch. And these 90 million plus users will be able to play as Space Princess Rosalina on Rainbow Road.

The Tokyo Tour event has begun and it ends on October 22nd at 22:59 PT. While lasting it allows players to drift around the Tokyo metropolis as well as unlock a Japanese-themed cosmetic for Mario. Not to mention there’s also the arrivals of Wario and Bowser Jr.

All this is in addition to Rosalina and Rainbow Road which were announced by Nintendo on Twitter yesterday. And fans are giddy to say the least.

“This cosmic Princess slays”

A lot of fans are happy about the arrival of the Nintendo Princess with the best shoulders and emo-esque fringe in the business. They are also happy about the arrival of Rainbow Road; one of the trickiest courses in Mario Kart history.

While a large majority of fans are happy with the arrivals, some are still furious about the lack of multiplayer and continued rejection of Mario’s much ridiculed sidekick Luigi.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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