With apps adopting the slick new dark mode, we’re looking to Snapchat for the same.

Right, let’s set the scene…

You’re yawning, climbing into bed and ready for a good nights sleep before the day ahead. As your head hits the pillow, you suddenly think “hmm, I’ll check Snapchat for a sec, might have a message.”

You don’t have a message – you checked about ten minutes ago. Your feed refreshes and you see that one of your mates is out tonight. Who’s that in the background? Do I know them?

You’re awake, you keep scrolling until you’re caught up and put the phone back under your pillow. 

“Damn… I’m wide awake now!” A few seconds later, you reach for your phone. Sound familiar? Yeah, it probably does. That’s why everybody is raving about the new dark mode update, which transforms your phone background from bright to black. If you find yourself more alert after using it at night, or even if it simply matches your aesthetic, you’ll want to give it a try. However, it’s worth asking: does it work with Snapchat?

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Does Snapchat have dark mode?

No, most have found that their Snapchat doesn’t conform to dark mode, but fans are calling out for it on Twitter!

Recently we’ve seen Instagram hop aboard the dark mode hype, after seeing Twitter and more transform the look of the app for those who wish. To be honest, it’s perfect for a Halloween aesthetic now we’re in spooky season. Although it wasn’t brought in for it, it does seem like pretty perfect timing. 

It’s likely Snapchat will follow suit after the clear demand for it. Take a look at some of these tweets…

The people demand it!

Imagine how cool it would be, let’s be honest. 

The masses agree, and since the Insta update, plenty have voiced their opinions, with one Twitter user writing: “everything dark mode… Snapchat wyd??”

Again, another added: “Ok Snapchat now it’s your turn for dark mode.” Pretty much everyone is in agreement over on Twitter that it’s ripe for the update. Check out some more reactions:

– “Instagram on dark mode now? What’s next Snapchat?”

– “All we need is Snapchat to have a dark mode and life is complete”

– “I can imagine Snapchat dark mode already!”

– “Now all we need is dark mode on Snapchat and we good”

It’s wise to assume that they’re working on it – we hope so!

Is it better?

If you relate far too much to the scenario we span earlier, then you’ll find dark mode to be pretty much essential. 

Even on low brightness, the white of our phone screens can be enough to keep us awake for longer than we’d like. With a black background, it’s far easier on the eye and less stimulating without us having to resist the temptation to check messages. 

Also – in terms of Insta – if your feed is currently full of Halloween and horror content then you’ll want the slick black background to match aesthetically. It is the season!

Personally, we think dark mode looks awesome. So, as we’ve established, it’s your move Snapchat…

In other news, how do you turn off Instagram dark mode?