The locations for Force Troopers, Red Jabber and Rakkman for Borderlands 3 during Rare Spawn Hunt week.

Borderlands 3 is continuing to celebrate the series’ tenth anniversary with Rare Spawn Hunt. Gearbox kicked off the celebrations with Boss week, but now they’re momentarily allowing players to frequently encounter the likes of Red Jabber, Force Troopers and Rakkman in their locations to more easily capture Legendary Artifacts.

You will only have a week to encounter these no-longer-so-rare enemies, so all you Vault Hunters will want to get moving as soon as possible.

We’ve already covered how to find El Dragon Jr. to capture the Unleash The Dragon Legendary Artifact, and you can check out our simple guide by clicking the link below.

Everything you must know about Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt week

Before revealing the locations for Red Jabber, Rakkman and Force Troopers, we should first briefly cover what Rare Spawn Hunt week is all about. The first information to know is that the event kicked off yesterday and it will conclude on October 15th at 08:59 PT.

The rules of the event is that every Rare Spawn should be in their location rather than sometimes not and sometimes maybe. This should make farming their Legendary drops less of a hassle, but you should know that they still won’t always drop their hypnotising items when fallen.

Following Rare Spawn Hunt week, the remaining tenth anniversary celebration events are as follows (Via Gamespot): Show Me The Eridium, Mayhem on Twitch and Spooky Surprise.

Borderlands 3 Force Troopers location

To find the Force Troopers you will need to travel to the Atlas HQ on Promethea. You will find them near the fast travel station and on top of the Courtyard Area.

Killing the Force Troopers should reward you with Random Legendary Class Mods.

YouTube video via Phillipp Rieger.

Borderlands 3 Rakkman location

To acquire the Night Flyer Legendary Pistol from Rakkman, you will need to venture to the lower corner region of the Carnivora area on Pandora. There you should find a computer as well as Rakkman in a blatant nod to the Batcave.

YouTube video via MisterBo.

Borderlands 3 Red Jabber location

Finally we get to the Red Jabber. Killing this Rare Spawn unlocks the chance to possess a Legendary Grenade Mod.

If this tickles your psychotic fancy, you will need to head to the Ambermire on Eden-6. You will then need to proceed onwards from Rogue’s Hollow to the location marked on the map above.

YouTube video via ZaFrostPet.

Borderlands 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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