Twitter reacts to James Cleverly's Brexit graph

Chairman of the Conservative Party James Cleverly speaks during a morning session on the third day of the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central on October 1, 2019 in...

Lots of Twitter users sent in their own homemade graphs and charts in response to the Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Conservative MP James Cleverly has posted a hand-drawn graph titled 'Why “more time” doesn’t actually help “get a deal”' on his personal Twitter account.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party and MP for Braintree plotted 'Decisiveness' on the Y-axis and 'Time' on the X-axis. He used this graph to show that over time, we become less decisive. Mr Cleverly then inferred that this means we should not extend Brexit beyond the next deadline.


The United Kingdom is supposed to leave the European Union by 31 October - as per the latest extension. Mr Cleverly has addressed speculation that the government will ask the EU for yet another extension.

On Twitter, Mr Cleverly posted a picture of his graph along with the caption:

Why “more time” doesn’t actually help “get a deal”. We want a new deal, will leave with no deal if we have to, but no more delays. #GetBrexitDone

This was met with ridicule by Twitter users who mocked Mr Cleverly's graph. His tweet attracted numerous, humorous responses - including many homemade graphs.

Parody account Larry the Cat (@number10cat) photoshopped a new version onto Mr Cleverly's graph - focusing more on feline issues rather than Brexit.

Michael Bushell (@MichaelDBee) drew the classic rabbit and duck optical illusion on a graph.


Selina J (@OfSelina) thought back to the sprawled image of Jacob Rees-Mogg in the House of Commons (see more). Selina J posted an image of Mr Rees-Mogg sprawled across Mr Cleverly's Brexit graph.


Nooruddean (@beardedgenius) went for a slightly more niche joke. On the Y-axis, he wrote 'The case for nominative determinism' and on the X-axis was 'The more you say or tweet'. Nominative determinism is the idea that your character fits your name; implying that Mr Cleverly is not quite living up to his name...

Meanwhile, comedian David Baddiel responded to Mr Cleverly's graph by saying "Einstein has been resurrected". And Labour MP David Lammy responded with a suggestion that Mr Cleverly would soon be voted out in Braintree.


Lastly, Liz McInnes - another Labour MP - replied with a classic exam question and a jokey answer. She suspects that Mr Cleverly was the one who took 'Find X' too literally.

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