Amidst hordes of walkers, we have some great additions for season 10.

The Walking Dead has finally returned to screens, alive and kicking. 

Cast your minds back to 2010. Wow, has it really been almost a decade since Frank Darabont’s horror-series came into being? It sure has!

Back then, with the release of entertaining efforts like 2009’s Zombieland preceding it, we were unknowingly about to usher in a new golden age for the zombie sub-genre. Once the AMC series – based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard – landed, there was an overwhelming outbreak of zombie popularity. 

The show was an immense success, becoming one of the most widely discussed and watched efforts on TV at the time. However, enthusiasts will know that series’ can feel a little stale as they overstay their welcome. Gradually, many fans began to fall out of love with The Walking Dead, feeling that it was dragging on unnecessarily. Over the years they’ve thrown in new faces and curveballs to keep things interesting, and with season 10 now in full swing, we’re welcoming Cailey Fleming firmly to the fold.  


The Walking Dead: Cailey Fleming stars as Judith

Cailey is tackling the role of Judith Grimes in season 10, after briefly appearing in season 9. 

She is Lori Grimes and Shane Walsh’s daughter, and also the half-sister of Carl Grimes. Rick took her in and cared for her until his eventual vanishing. 

She is now adopted by Michonne and lives in Alexandria; it’s also worth noting that she shares a bond with Negan. Cailey is the latest actress to depict the character, and already she’s been quick to impress fans. She may be relatively new to The Walking Dead, but if you immediately found her presence familiar, there’s a number of reasons why…

Cailey Fleming: Movies & TV

The 12-year-old Cailey Fleming is the daughter of Matthew and Misty Fleming and has already appeared in a number of projects in her career, but one certainly stands out to film fans!

She actually played Young Rey in J.J. Abrams’ 2015 epic, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. For fans of the sci-fi franchise, that’s a pretty big deal, to say the least. The character when she’s older is played by the exceptionally talented Daisy Ridley; perhaps we’ll see Cailey reprise the role for potential flashback sequences in the concluding chapter, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

With a Star Wars role already under her belt, we’re impressed, but it’s even cooler when you consider that it was only her second role. She first appeared on screens as Young Tig in an episode of One Mississipi and has gone on to appear in other TV efforts such as Preacher (she played Susie), Better Things (Sorrow) and the new reboot of Creepshow (Evie). 

As for films, she also starred in 2016’s The Book of Love (9 Year Old Millie), a short called Memoir (Obee), Armed Response (Danielle), Desolation (Grace), Supercon (Little Girl #2), Hover (Greta Dunn) and Peppermint (Carly North). That’s a great body of work for an actress still so young. 

Cailey Fleming attends The Walking Dead Universe, Including AMC’s Flagship Series and the Untitled New Third Series Within The Walking Dead Franchise at New York Comic Con 2019 Day 3 at…

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If you’re enjoying her work on The Walking Dead, you’ll definitely want to head over to her Instagram. 

You can find and follow her over at @caileypresleyfleming; she currently boasts a whopping 232k followers. In a recent post, she’s jumping for joy with the caption reading: “My mood whenever I think there’s only 5 more days until Season 10 of TWD!!”

Well, the wait is over now!

Be sure to check her out in the other titles mentioned, but in the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying season 10 of The Walking Dead. 

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