The launch time for the Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event is fast approaching, and it offers new courses, additional racers and a Japanese-themed plumber.

Mario Kart Tour has been branded a shameful disgrace and betrayal by fans who are disgusted by its microtransactions and subscription fee, but that hasn’t stopped it becoming the biggest mobile launch with over 90 million downloads in its first week. And while these players can’t enjoy legitimate multiplayer as of yet, they will be able to experience a brand new Tokyo event that offers new courses, additional racers and a Japanese-themed costume for Nintendo’s most iconic mascot.

There’s something awfully cynical and unlikeable about Mario Kart on mobile phones, but there’s also an addictive element that makes it near impossible to resist. Nintendo has made bizarre omissions such as Luigi and multiplayer at launch, but hopefully the upcoming Tokyo tour event will right some of its wrongs with enjoyable new courses and drivers.

When does the Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event start?

The Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event begins October 8th at 23:00 PT (02:00 ET on October 9th).

Nintendo announced the Tokyo Tour event on Twitter, but it hasn’t stopped people from still demanding that multiplayer be implemented sooner rather than later.

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event new courses and racers

Per Nintendo’s announcement, the Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event will bring about “new and nostalgic courses,” as well as “new characters.” No one knows what these “nostalgic” courses and additional racers will be as of writing, but we do know that players will be able to drift around the Tokyo Metropolis.

In addition to new courses and drivers, Screenrant reports that there will also be a Japanese-themed costume for Nintendo’s greatest mascot, Mario. This cosmetic will be unlockable through the game’s gacha-themed Warp Pipe system.

While none of the new racers or courses have been announced, fans have made it clear that they are desperate for Luigi. As for racetracks, some have expressed their hopes for Rainbow Road SNES and Coconut Mall.

Regardless of what’s eventually added, the Tokyo Tour should – at the very least – provide a much-needed dose of nostalgia and freshness following Mario Kart Tour‘s September 25th release date.

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