A guide for how to possibly fix the Call Of Duty Mobile has no sound dilemma.

Call Of Duty Mobile has been out for over a week and its launch has been bogged down by complaints over its lack of controller support and its omission of zombies as of writing. Another complaint that has been circling some parts of the internet – although to nowhere near the same level of intensity – is its sound not working on iPhone and Android.

Activision and Tencent’s Call Of Duty Mobile is a somewhat enjoyable and faithful experience marred by its employment of bots and microtransactions. You can make the game less of a mobile adaptation by playing it on PC with keyboard and mouse, but it won’t make you fall head over heels in love if you can’t look past the issues it shares with PUBG Mobile.

How to fix Call Of Duty Mobile has no sound

One of the lesser reported issues with Call Of Duty Mobile is its apparent lack of sound for some players on Android and iPhone. And yes, this issue results in there being no sound in the game whatsoever.

There’s no noise from guns, there’s no music, there’s no annoying people shouting as they’re being murdered, nor is there any noise from the menu. It’s like a silent movie without any of the charm and black and white visuals.

Thanks to the lack of reporting about the issue and its rare occurrences for Call Of Duty Mobile players, the best fix online so far is a post on Reddit pertaining to the game’s beta.

Rather than the issue being a fundamental drawback with the game, it may instead emit from you having vibration enabled on your iPhone. Enabling vibration will result in the sound not working for both iPhone and iPad.

As for Android, the lack of sound may be because of an overlaying app. Simply close the overlaying app if relevant for sound to return to Call Of Duty Mobile.

How to play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC

Call Of Duty Mobile is somewhat neat on phone, but it’s much better on PC thanks to a host of reasons such as mouse and keyboard gameplay.

In order to experience Call Of Duty Mobile at its best by playing it on the ‘master race’ rather than the platform in its name, all you need to do is download and install GameLoop.

And yes, this is 100% legal as GameLoop is Tencent Games’ official mobile-to-pc emulator. One of its many benefits is that you can use it to play Call Of Duty Mobile with a PS4 controller.