The ending of the comic series was abrupt, but actually, it worked out pretty well.

Are you happy it’s back? 

In 2010, many audiences were unaware that the zombie sub-genre would dominate the horror sphere for the next few years. We’d had efforts like Zombieland in 2009 injecting tired tropes with some much-needed fun. However, it was the Frank Darabont-developed AMC series The Walking Dead which launched the undead genre into immense popularity. 

The show has a huge success, expanding far beyond the tastes of genre enthusiasts and attracting casual audiences everywhere. It remains a particularly monumental moment for horror fans, and for years after that we saw many attempts to cash in on the trend; we witness some great attempts, and inevitably, some questionable ones too. 

It’s been progressing for just shy of a decade now – yes, seriously. Over the years, many have grown disinterested, but it still boasts an incredibly dedicated fanbase, partly due to an existing audience… 

The Walking Dead comics

The title was adapted from a comic book series which came courtesy of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard; it began being published back in 2003. 

So, there was already a loving fanbase for the property when the series first arrived. However, the success of the series also led so many to seek out the comics and learn how they differed from the show. The Walking Dead fanbase is now firmly rooted in TV and print, with much overlap, as the die-hard fans will rave about both a lot of the time. 

Recently, the comics reached a narrative conclusion, issuing a 193rd and final issue in July 2019. So, how did it end?


How did The Walking Dead comic end?

In the last ever issue, a leap in time unites us with Sophia and Carl residing at a farmhouse with their young daughter, Andrea.

As you’d anticipate from the time skip, a lot has changed. There is no cure to rid Earth of walkers, but they are no longer threatening the fate of the human race in the same way and many have had their lives restored.

The world is a very different place now, and in the issue we see Carl kill a walker that is being used as a travelling attraction of sorts by Hershel, Glenn and Maggie’s son. Carl gets into a spot of bother with the law involving a property dispute, but stands proud in court and reflects on the struggles they have all faced in order to be alive in the present day. It’s a touching and beautiful moment, showing just how far the series has come.

After hearing him out, the judge concludes that profiteering from the undead will be outlawed. In the issue’s final moments, we see Carl read his daughter a nostalgic story of Rick’s bravery and sacrifice.


Is 10 the final season?

No, season 10 is not the final season, as it’s been renewed for season 11 already. So, there’s no ending in sight just yet for fans. 

Either way, it’s obvious to admirers that there is no way the series will conform to the ending of the comic-book series, considering certain character deaths and all. 

We hope you’re enjoying season 10 because there’s plenty more road to travel on this sweeping journey!

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