Everything you must know about how to play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC instead of your iPhone.

Call Of Duty Mobile has launched and it has been received fairly well. Granted, there’s a lot of confusion over its profanity filter and its update to remove controller support at launch, but its gameplay is surprisingly excellent despite the bad stigma mobile titles understandably suffer from. With that being said, it’s still a lot better on PC.

Activision’s mobile adaptation has marched past 35 million downloads. One of the few but biggest issues with the game is that users are more than dubious about its multiplayer being legitimate rather than just bots.

Yet, regardless of whether you’re playing against cannon fodder or actual people, its surprisingly good gameplay is much better on PC.

Can you play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC?

Yes. You can play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC. And we’re speaking legally, too.

Call Of Duty Mobile handles surprisingly well without PS4 and Xbox One controller support, but it is always going to have limitations on an itty-bitty screen. However, these restrictions and hindrances can be swiftly removed by playing on PC.

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The game’s graphics are nowhere near on par with Modern Warfare (2019) or any current-gen title thanks to having been developed for mobile phones, but the gameplay taking place on a PC screen is much friendlier to the eyes.

Not to mention it’s also easier to be more accurate and precise when playing with a keyboard and mouse rather than fondling your phone. Kotaku additionally notes that it runs at 60 FPS, which makes it perform better and less like a mobile adaptation.

How to play Call Of Duty Mobile on PC

Playing on PC won’t make you fall in love with Call Of Duty Mobile if you can’t forgive its microtransactions, deployment of bots and lack of zombies (as of writing). But, if you are a mega Call Of Duty fan who just wants a better experience from a gameplay perspective, then playing on PC will greatly help.

Developer Tencent games launched their official mobile-to-pc emulator, GameLoop, back in July,  and this is how to experience Call Of Duty Mobile on the ‘master race’. You simply need to download GameLoop and Call Of Duty Mobile at 10MB. The website states that over 1,200,000 people have already downloaded it.

Other games you can check out on GameLoop include PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor 2 and Subway Surfers.

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