Everything you must know about how to find the rare spawn El Dragon Jr in Borderlands 3 to capture the Unleash The Dragon Artifact.

Borderland 3 is continuing to celebrate the series’ tenth year anniversary with Rare Spawn Hunt week. This should allow you to encounter Rare Spawns to collect their Legendary drops way more frequently, including El Dragon Jr to capture the Unleash The Dragon Artifact.

When does Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt week begin and end?

Gearbox Software and 2K’s Borderlands made its debut back in 2009, and the series’ third instalment is now busy celebrating the franchise’s tenth birthday with Rare Spawn Hunt after its Boss week.

Rare Spawn Hunt week begins on October 8th at 09:00 PT and finishes on October 15th at 08:59 PT.

Following Rare Spawn Hunt week, the remaining tenth anniversary celebration events are as follows (Via Gamespot): Show Me The Eridium, Mayhem on Twitch and Spooky Surprise.

Borderlands 3: How to find El Dragon Jr to capture the Unleash The Dragon Legendary Artifact

To find El Dragon Jr you will need to head to Eden-6 and infiltrate Jakobs Estate. The bounty does not need to appear on the Sanctuary board as it will only surface if your mates have already killed the rare enemy in their own game.

Once you’re at the very beginning of Jakobs Estate (as marked on the map above), you will need to turn left and El Dragon Jr should spawn underneath or by the waterfall.

The Battleborn son should always appear thanks to the rules of Rare Spawn Hunt week, and you hopefully won’t need to do as much farming for him to drop the Legendary Artifact Unleash The Dragon.

As for why you’d want the Unleash The Dragon Artifact, it’s a neat Lvl 50 item with 100% chance for Melee Ignite, Slide Ignite and Ground Slam Ignite. It also increases Incendiary Damage and Resistance by 16% and 29%.

Borderlands 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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