Adidas have brought in an unexpected national treasure to model for their new ‘Gardening Club’ range.

When you think of Adidas, your mind instantly turns to shoes, clothing and football kits. What your mind doesn’t usually think of when confronted with an Adidas advert is Alan Titchmarsh.

However, that’s all changed with the latest launch from Adidas which sees the gardening and TV presenting legend take centre-stage of their latest ad campaign debuting the new Gardening Club range. 

And no, just to confirm, today isn’t April 1st. 

It’s safe to say that Alan Titchmarsh appearing on the Adidas ad campaign isn’t something we expected to see and it’s been confounding fans of both the gardening presenter and the Adidas clothing brand as well.  

Alan Titchmarsh: a profile

Alan Titchmarsh is easily best known for his time on gardening TV shows such as Gardener’s World, Ground Force and Love Your Garden.

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On top of that, the charming Yorkshireman has hosted everything from his own chat show as well as a number of documentaries on a wide variety of topics. 

The 70-year-old has not spent his entire career in front of the camera, however, and has also turned his attention to writing on a number of occasions and boasts a collection of over 30 books ranging from non-fiction books on gardening to memoirs and a number of fiction tales too.

Adidas Gardening Club range

The Adidas Gardening Club range was announced in a tweet on October 7th and shows Titchmarsh modelling a new range of Adidas gardening wear.

Adidas’s Gardening Club range is set to be released globally in Consortium stores and looks to bring about a wave of ‘horti-culture’ with a range of clothes and shoes that won’t look out of place on the lawn or in the street.

The range is supposedly due for release on October 12th. 

Fan reactions to Alan Titchmarsh as the face of Adidas

After a life of presenting TV shows for both the BBC and ITV, seeing Alan Titchmarsh lend his talents and visage to an Adidas ad campaign is certainly not what fans have come to expect.

Naturally, it hasn’t taken people long to comment on the new campaign that sees Titchmarsh become the face of Adidas. 





Only time will tell if Titchmarsh’s Adidas collection takes off but it’s certainly something that has fans scratching their heads.

As mentioned, the Adidas Gardening Club range is set to release on October 12th.

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