The beloved presenter recently returned to BBC for his series The Incredible Journeys. But who is Simon Reeve married to? Let’s find more about his family.

Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve has ended airing courtesy of the BBC and it gained incredible reactions from viewers at home. For a long time now, the 48-year-old writer and TV presenter has been showing us so much, taking us out of our comfort zones without ever having to actually lure us away from the comfort of our own homes.  

Although he’s tackled such difficult topics as terrorism and has focused his keen lens on modern history throughout his work, he’s foremostly associated with his more general exploration of our planet, helming some terrific travel docuseries over the years.  

The New York Times’ best-selling author took viewers on a tour – his biggest yet, in fact. The BBC series saw him recall some of the most dangerous experiences of his travels. 

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Meet Simon Reeve’s wife: Anya Reeve

As with most celebrities, audiences want to know about his personal life. What’s he doing when he’s not stretching the globe in front of the camera?

Well, his wife is Anya Anya Reeve, who is a TV camerawoman and campaigner; she is a former Green Party candidate and they both have a son named Jake. She is the daughter of a renowned jeweler – David Courts – and her mother is Danish.

Although Simon hasn’t shied away from talking about his personal life, we haven’t really seen him discussing it on TV with his wife. However, we have learnt a few things from previous interviews… 

Simon talks about family life 

Simon appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, September 27th, 2019 alongside such celebs as Helen Mirren and RuPaul.

Fans enjoyed seeing him chat about the new show, and while on the show he spoke briefly about his life away from the camera. Over half a decade ago, he moved to Dartmoor, away from the London he had grown so accustomed to over the course of his career.

Despite being in some really tight spots in his work, this move proved to be the most daunting of all.

According to Express, he confessed in a previous Guardian interview that he misses London quite a great deal. After all, it was a very important part of his life. He says that his family moved to be somewhere more remote, but does note that the decision was more Anya’s than his. Speaking on the matter, he said: “I moved to Dartmoor six years ago, mainly because my wife slightly forced me… It was a chance to do the middle-class midlife thing of making a go of it somewhere remote.”

When talking about how it’s been, he elaborated: “It’s a bit testing but my lad loves it. He has a bushcraft knife, a large dog and lots of space. I can’t take that away from him,” later confessing that “Everybody needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone… Otherwise, you don’t feel alive.”

Viewers react to Simon’s latest series

Although the transition was clearly a great challenge for Simon, he overcame it with the help of his loving family and has long continued to do what he does best. 

Travel enthusiasts have enjoyed his latest venture, with one fan on Twitter expressing: “Absolutely loving Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve on BBC2. He is sharing his travels from California to Russia, from extreme riches to unreal poverty. It’s the nearest we will get to travel for a while.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve is indeed incredible. Recommend catching up if you haven’t watched it yet.”

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