Audiences have been quite surprised by the progress of this ITV series.

Let’s face it… Sanditon was never going to be smooth sailing. 

Andrew Davies’ adaptation of the unfinished novel is undeniably ambitious, but many fans of the source material’s prestigious novelist weren’t exactly fond of the idea from the very start. 

We have a rich history of Jane Austen Adaptations, from Pride and Prejudice to Sense and Sensibility. However, when you’re tackling one of her unfinished manuscripts, there are going to be some issues crop up. The eight-part series arrived in late August and audiences took to Twitter pretty much immediately. The reactions were very much divided, with one swiftly saying: “Last night’s episode of Sanditon was dreadful! So vulgar. Nothing like Jane. Ugh! I enjoyed the first, but not last night’s. I shall persevere with it and hope it improves.”

On the other hand, one wrote: “I love every character in #Sanditon which for in a TV show has never happened to me before. I also have never genuinely laughed so much before, last night episode was fantastic.” So, you get the picture, but in light of the scepticism it can be considered quite the triumph. 

Sanditon: Who is Ruth Kearney?

Set in a seaside town at a pivotal point of social change and assessment, the series has been declared rather revisionist of the author’s work, and henceforth there has been some controversy. 

Nevertheless, there have been plenty who have enjoyed seeing the unfinished work come to life, and one of the major elements of the production most have enjoyed is the performances. 

Later in the series, we saw 34-year-old Irish actress Ruth Kearney added to the mix, taking on the difficult role of Eliza Campion. She proved to be a stellar new addition to the ensemble, and viewers found her to be a familiar presence; she’s actually married to her co-star Theo James (he plays Sidney Parker) in real life! They were married back in 2018 and have been seeing each other since 2009. So, where have we seen her before?

Ruth Kearney: Movies & TV

It appears that Ruth first appeared on screens the same year she began her relationship with Theo!

According to IMDb, she appeared in the 2009 TV movie Booky’s Crush (she played Party Woman). That same year, she took on the role of Miriam in the TV movie Gracie. The next year, on the other hand, she took on what is arguably her most renowned role, starring in the Primeval: Webisodes as Jess Parker and reprising the role in the series later on. 

Other work extends to Holby City (Jenny Proctor), Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me (Waitress), Jet Stream (Angel), Tyrant (Katerina) and Get Shorty (Becca Morgan). 

However, two of her more substantial roles came in the TV series The Following (Daisy) and Flaked (London). She boasts a solid range, and it’s clear that the role of Eliza’s a great new addition to her oeuvre. 

Ruth Kearney attends at The British Independent Film Awards at Old Billingsgate Market on December 4, 2016 in London, England.

Follow her on Instagram!

If you’re a fan, be sure to head over to her Instagram and give her a follow. 

You can find her over at @ruthkearney; she currently has 21k followers. Also, it’s worth noting that she’s set to star in the forthcoming drama film Trouble Will Find Us. Ruth will perform in the central role of Tess, in a story which will centre upon the breakdown of a relationship. 

We’re looking forward to it! In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying Sanditon. 

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