Motherland is back on the BBC for a second series with a new addition to the cast!

The BBC is well renowned for creating hilarious sitcoms and are responsible for some of the best comedies ever, whether or not Motherland falls into that bracket is debatable but what is certain is that the mum-based series is back!

Motherland’s second series is set to get underway on October 7th at 10pm on BBC Two and the show clearly has some momentum behind it as it’s already been renewed for a third series even though, at the time of writing, the second series is yet to air. 

The cast of series 1 return including Anna Maxwell Martin, Lucy Punch and Diane Morgan but this time there’s a new face at the school gates in the form of Meg, a new contender for the role of ‘alpha mum.’

What is Motherland about?

Motherland tells the story of a group of mothers and explores the trials and tribulations of their menial middle-class lives.

They regularly meet up at the school gates while dropping their kids off in the morning and in series 2 a new face appears.

Who is Meg? 

Meg, who is played by Tanya Moodie, is the aforementioned new mum in town and is quickly the topic of conversation among the gossiping girls.

It’s quickly established by the talkative Amanda that Meg has it all, five kids, a stunning silver-haired fox for a husband and high-flying job.

Whether all that is true or not quickly becomes the talking point of the group as the series progresses.


What we know about Tanya Moodie

Tanya Moodie may not be the biggest name in the acting world but she’s certainly been around for a while.

The Toronto-born actress has been in the acting business since she was a teenager and joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and hasn’t looked back since.

Her first TV role according to IMDb came in 1994’s So Haunt Me before she would go onto act in over 40 films and TV shows in the following 25 years.

Arguably the biggest name on her filmography is the BBC detective series Sherlock where she made several recurring appearances as Ella, John Watson’s therapist throughout the show’s four series.

Other notable roles for Tanya include a 16-episode run on The Clinic as well as a 10-episode stint on 2019’s Forest 404.

As well as her on-screen roles, Tanya has also performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company and appeared as Gertrude in their 2016 telling of Hamlet.

Tanya Moodie will no doubt be welcomed into the cast of Motherland with open arms when it airs at 10pm on October 7th on BBC Two. 

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