How to easily land 5 hits with bananas in one race in Mario Kart Tour using either Diddy or Donkey Kong.

Mario Kart Tour has been out for a while now and it’s been called everything from Nintendo’s biggest disgrace to a betrayal. This is thanks to its lack of multiplayer (as of writing) coupled with its gold pass subscription fee and gross microtransactions. Yet, despite all the controversy, it has surpassed 90 million downloads, with some of these users wanting to know how to complete the ‘land 5 hits with bananas in one race’ challenge/achievement.

The launch of Mario Kart Tour has been bizarre thanks to the notable omissions of multiplayer and Luigi, yet there is still an addictive element that makes it impossible to resist. This is largely thanks to its fresh assortment of challenges every week.

Below you’ll discover how to easily complete the ‘land 5 hits with bananas in one race’ challenge.

Mario Kart Tour: How to land 5 hits with bananas

One of the most suitable racers you can use to complete the ‘land 5 hits with bananas challenge’ is Diddy Kong. This is thanks to his special item being a banana barrel which launches the slapstick comedy gold prop all over the place.

Diddy Kong can get Frenzy on either Dino Dino Jungle R, Rock Rock Mountain R or Toad Circuit R.

In addition to Diddy, you can also complete the challenge fairly easy with Donkey Kong thanks to his ability to possess and throw the Giant Banana. Donkey Kong can get Frezny on either Dino Dino Jungle or Rock Rock Mountain.

Gamepur and Reddit have also cited Yoshi as another racer who is useful for making the challenge a doddle. The best courses for Yoshi are Rock Rock Mountain, Yoshi Circuit and Yoshi Circuit T as the means to complete the challenge is getting banana Frenzy.

You can check out a visualisation of how to complete the challenge below via YouTuber K90 Games.

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