A guide to possibly fixing the ‘drone not marking enemies’ bug in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched three days ago for Standard Edition owners, and the title has since been whipped to the brink of death over its once absurd collection of microtransactions and supposed lack of identity. To make matters worse, there’s a small number of bugs such as drones not marking enemies.

The game has received a massively disappointing response from critics with Eurogamer calling it “limp and lifeless,” and it has also failed to dethrone the equally disappointing FIFA 20 from the top of the UK charts.

Yet, despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction, the game still has its fans including ourselves. Bugs, glitches and whatnot are now common for video games at launch (whether they should be is an entirely different matter), and hopefully this guide will help you to fix the latest drawback in Ghost Recon Breakpoint – drones not marking enemies.

What is the drone in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Ghost Recon Wildlands was a game about having fun with three of your mates by causing as much mayhem and chaos as possible, as well as by taking things uber serious by attempting to be stealthy. And Ghost Recon Breakpoint is very much more of the same.

In order to be a badass group who can kill enemies undetected, one of the most useful tools in your arsenal is your drone. This is because the drone is a flying thingamajig which can be used to tag enemies before you go rushing into combat.

The bad thing about the drone is that its connection becomes lost if you’re too far away from it. Another downer is that – unlike in Wildlands – you can’t assault enemies or call allies as you need a separate item called the Sync Shot Drone. But, even with the negatives taken into consideration, the drone still has way more pros than cons.

How to fix: Ghost Recon Breakpoint drone not marking enemies bug

There’s no official fix for the drone not marking enemies bug in Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PS4, Xbox One or PC. And yes, it is an issue said to have plagued the game on all the aforementioned platforms.

While there isn’t an official fix, there have been solutions shared on the likes of Ubisoft’s forums and Reddit. None of these are guaranteed to work, but they have supposedly fixed the issue for others.

Game Revolution has reported about players not being able to tag enemies through weapons, binoculars or drones, and they have linked to a Ubisoft forum which includes a bunch of possible fixes via UbiDork. These fixes include power cycling your PS4, rebuilding your PS4’s database, restoring licenses and reinstalling the game’s files.

Some Reddit posts simply state that restarting the game fixes the issue, whereas other posts claim that a resolution for the bug is more complicated. One Reddit user says they were able to fix the issue on PC by simply selecting Alt-F4.

Another user claims to have resolved the issue by switching from the Panther class to Field Medic. They claim that the issue only persists for them when playing as Panther.

Hopefully one of the above solutions will work in fixing the glitch for you, but – if not – the only other solution will be to wait until Ubisoft deliver an update. However, if a better and more unanimously approved fix is shared via feedback or found online, this article will be updated with the solution.

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