The wait for Joker to cinemas is finally over and its shaping up to be one of the best and most disturbing films of 2019.

After years of easily digestible Marvel movies, DC’s Joker origins story has turned the comic book genre on its head with one of the grittiest and most in-depth character movies in years. 

The film isn’t for the faint-hearted and packs plenty of violence, particularly as the film’s main character Arthur becomes more and more the Joker.

One thing it doesn’t show audiences, however, is the fate of the film’s ‘love interest’ Sophie Dumond as it leaves her outcome very much open to interpretation.

But if you put two and two together the answer begins to reveal itself.

Who is Sophie Dumond?

Sophie Dumond, played by Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz, is a single mother and resident of the same apartment building as Arthur and his sick mother Penny.

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Arthur and Sophie meet in the building’s lift, or elevator, and the pair exchange a brief conversation about how poor their apartment block is with both pointing imaginary guns at their own temples.

Her ‘relationship’ with Arthur Fleck

After Arthur’s first bout of murders, as the Joker begins to awaken within him, he is seen going to Sophie’s apartment, bursting through the door and kissing her.

For the next few scenes, it appears that the two are in an idyllic relationship with Sophie appearing to support Arthur as he takes his first failed step into the world of stand-up comedy and when his mother is taken into hospital.

However, a later scene shows a rain-soaked Arthur returning back to her apartment where he sits waiting on her sofa.

Upon returning to the room, Sophie is shocked to find Arthur in her apartment and politely but frightenedly asks him to leave.

Arthur turns to her and points an imaginary gun at his head, in reference to their only real interaction up to this point as the relationship was purely a hallucination, before the scene ends and we see him walking back to his own apartment.

Comment: Does Sophie die?

While the film doesn’t explicitly show Sophie’s fate, it’s almost certain that she was killed by Arthur.

Given the fact that the film focuses so much on Arthur’s mental state, it’s highly likely that the thought running through his head in that scene was ‘if I can’t have you, no one can’ as it’s a common occurrence and motive in murders involving unrequited love. 

The main question mark that still remains is the fate of Sophie’s daughter who had just been tucked up in bed by her mother. 

While it’s possible that Arthur did indeed kill Sophie, we’re not quite sure whether he stooped low enough to murder her daughter as well.

But then perhaps the reason for the scene coming to an abrupt end was because he did, in fact, kill them both and the filmmakers didn’t want to show that scene to us in order to keep the Joker in our good books, as it were, until the final few scenes in the film.

Regardless, Joker is out now after releasing at cinemas on October 4th and is well worth a watch, or indeed a re-watch if you’ve already had chance to see it.

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