Thinking of giving up booze for October? Well, these seven alcohol-busting tips could be just the ticket to help you through.

For the most part, we’re all looking to be a bit healthier in this day and age as we learn more about the negative health effects that come with drinking, smoking and eating copious amounts of junk food.

That’s why more and more initiatives are being set up to help people quit the likes of booze and smoking even if it’s just for a month.

From Stoptober for smoking and Go Sober for October and Dry January for alcohol drinking, there are plenty of events to help you make a healthy change in your lives. 

With October now upon us, we have Macmillan’s Go Sober for October taking centre-stage in the drive to get people off the booze in aid of charity and a healthier lifestyle.

What is Go Sober for October?

Go Sober for October is a month-long charity initiative set up by the Macmillan cancer support charity and it looks to help people give up alcohol, even if it’s just for a month, to help a worthwhile cause and to promote a healthier lifestyle.

The idea behind Go Sober for October is essentially the same as Dry January. The aim is to go a full month without a drop of alcohol.

Naturally, for some, this would be rather simple but for others, it can be quite an arduous task especially if a lot of their social activities revolve around alcohol.

Why take part?

As we’ve already mentioned, Go Sober for October is both a great charity initiative, as it would go a long way to helping the wonderful Macmillan cancer support charity, and it’s a great way to lower your alcohol intake, a vital first step in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

If you feel so inclined to get officially involved in the campaign and raise some money for a great cause, then you can head over to the Go Sober website and sign up to take part.  

Top-tips for beating the booze

Now, obviously quitting anything for a month can be tricky, especially if it’s something engrained into your regular life.

But quitting alcohol for a month is far from impossible if you put your mind to it and to help you along the way, we’ve come up with a list of seven alcohol-busting tips to keep you off the sauce in October.

Take part in the official Go Sober for October events

Up first is one we’ve technically already mentioned but bear with us. 

Taking part in a recognised charitable cause is a great motivator in keeping you away from alcohol as it’s a good reminder about what you’re doing this for. 

Enlist some support

There’s nothing more tricky than undertaking a task like this alone. It could be worth getting friends or family to either join you in your efforts or at the very least just telling people of your intentions so that they can offer help and support if and when the cravings set in.

Drive everywhere

There’s no better excuse not to drink than ‘I’m driving’ so to put yourself further from temptation it may be worth saving a few bob on a taxi ride and driving yourself to gatherings and events where alcohol may be involved. 

Alcohol-free options

Of course, there are a myriad of soft drink options when you venture out to pubs and shops but if it’s beer or cider you’re craving, it’s worth remembering that a number of brands now offer alcohol-free alternatives that could be perfect for tricking yourself into thinking you’ve had a drink even though there’s no alcohol involved.

Avoid temptation

If a weekly visit to the pub quiz sees you embark on a night of drinking, it could be best to avoid such events and the temptation that comes along with them.

Finding hobbies and past times that don’t involve alcohol could be another crucial step in staying sober for a whole month.

Keep busy

This is a wise piece of advice for both regular alcohol drinkers as well as serial snackers. While you may not be truly hungry or thirsty, having nothing to do can lead you to snacking or drinking purely to pass the time and ease your boredom. 

Keeping yourself busy with work or a hobby can be a great distraction from the nagging in the back of your mind.

Set yourself targets

A month can be a long time, especially when you’re trying to keep away from something like booze that may be a regular part of your routine. That’s why setting yourself targets can be crucial in an effort to quit something like drinking or smoking.

While ‘I’m never drinking again’ is a common saying among hangover sufferers, the infinite time span that it provides can be daunting for some. The same can be said for a full month at first. As a result, setting yourself a target of a week or 10 days without booze can be a great way to start before you scale it up to a full month as you go along and possibly even beyond.

Sure, giving up something that’s such an intrinsic part of your life can be tough but if you can will yourself to complete a month without booze, especially for a charitable cause, you’ll have achieved something incredible!

For more info on Go Sober for October, don’t forget to check out the official site for the charity event here.