Everything you must know about the youthful characters in the Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance.

The closed beta for Project Resistance has kicked off on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it has quickly made people hot and bothered about the already likely prospect of a Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Remake. If you’re one of the beta participants or are simply intrigued by the series’ Friday the 13th-esque spin-off, then you can find out about its four youthful characters here.

Project Resistance was teased through a mysterious website that had people hopeful about either Resident Evil 8 or a Nemesis Remake, and gameplay was shown off at the Tokyo Games Show 2019. It’s admittedly not to everyone’s liking as fans would much rather have Nemesis again, but it could still be a fun and decent distraction.

One of the most appealing parts about the multiplayer game is that it allows one person to control the terrifying but super stylish Mr. X in an effort to kill four delinquents who pretty much deserve to die for society’s terrible fashion, music and celebration of all things random and stupid. You can find about these four hopeless characters below.

Project Resistance Samuel Jordan

Samuel Jordan is a former boxer who was forced into retirement thanks to an early injury. This makes him the designated muscle of the team.

Per the official Capcom website, Samuel has high health and excels in close-quarters combat thanks to his flirt with boxing in the past.

His abilities include a Dash Punch which sees him quickly move forward and punch the nearest enemy, along with Fists Of Iron which is him giving enemies the “old one-two.”

Project Resistance Valerie Harmon

Samuel Jordan is the muscle and jock of the game’s stereotypical horror cast, whereas Valerie Harmon is the nerd/geek. You can tell she’s the nerd because she wears glasses and it’s an unspoken rule in media that only geeks have four eyes.

Valerie is a chemist who once joined the Umbrella Research team as an intern, and her role as Support is to heal her teammates. So yes, she’s the person players want to control the least as she does all the busywork.

Survival Instinct is a skill of hers that marks all nearby items and threats for teammates to find. Meanwhile, her modified first aid spray is a limited-time buff or heal.

Project Resistance Tyrone Henry

As if one muscle wasn’t enough, Project Resistance has two with both Samuel and Tyrone Henry. Only Tyrone isn’t an injured bloke with a wounded ego.

A former Racoon City fireman, Tyrone has high defense and also excels in close-quarters combat.

One of his skills enables him to commit a devastatingly powerful kick, whereas Rally allows him to play cheerleader by raising the morale of his teammates during the depressing and scary encounter with Mr X.

Project Resistance January Van Sant

While Valerie is the nerdy girl with glasses from every guilty pleasure horror movie with x-rated themes, January Van Sant is instead a badass blonde who only wears leather and black. Oh, and she has had her chin pierced.

She is an expert hacker who once investigated the illegal dealings between the Raccoon City police department and Umbrella before she mysteriously disappeared.

Overload is an ability of hers which disables cameras to obstruct the Mastermind’s actions, meanwhile EMP impairs all cameras and increases the cost of using cards for the Mastermind.

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