Is Bex Fowler leaving Eastenders? Suicide storyline adds powerful awareness


Eastenders fans were left heartbroken for Bex after a climactic new episode.

Who has ever cried watching a soap?

Considering they're pretty much engineered to take us on emotional rollercoaster rides on the regular, we'd bet that plenty of you have. Across the likes of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and beyond we've seen plenty of deaths, shocking reveals and resurfaced truths to have our mouths open in sheer surprise. 

However, Eastenders is arguably the most dramatic of the bunch, with some storylines this year really hitting home for so many. They deal with timely and important themes, from mental health to domestic abuse, and one recent character journey absolutely stands out from the rest. 

After a truly depressing climax, fans are worried whether Bex could be gone from the show for good...

(L to R) Tilly Keeper, Jasmine Armfield and Louisa Lytton attend the National Television Awards held at The O2 Arena on January 22, 2019 in London, England.(L to R) Tilly Keeper, Jasmine Armfield and Louisa Lytton attend the National Television Awards held at The O2 Arena on January 22, 2019 in London, England. 

Is Bex Fowler leaving Eastenders?

No, it appears that Jasmine Armfield will continue to portray Bex Fowler on Eastenders.

If we’re talking about tearjerker storylines, our minds immediately jump to her ordeals.

The teen has been plagued with so many uncertainties in her life recently, and many audiences at home will be able to empathise and relate to some of her struggles. The fear of leaving life as you know it and attending university will feel familiar to a lot of viewers, and the dependence on ADHD drugs really made us all feel for her deeply.

She’s been facing down a number of concerns, and in a heartbreaking turn, she attempted to take her own life. The scene of her sitting in the dark and contemplating the frightening decision makes for harrowing viewing, but after the leap into despair it turns out that she survives. Her father - Martin Fowler (James Bye) - will return in wake of the incident, which surfaces further family drama.

Why is the storyline important?

As reported by Metro, Eastenders is actually working on the plot thread with the wonderful charity support organisation Samaritans. The soap’s executive producer - Jon Sen - earlier told the publication that: “We wanted to take Bex on a journey which accurately reflected the crises facing many young people today – many of whom, like Bex, struggle under the mounting pressures placed on teenagers today…”

Continuing to voice his passion, he said: “Having worked closely with Samaritans, our wish is that by telling this story we can encourage others in Bex’s position to realise there’s always help and there’s always hope and we hope that others will be encouraged to start a conversation if they are worried about someone they know.”

Suicide is a bigger concern for young people than ever before, and through Bex’s journey audiences will hopefully feel a comfort in being reassured that things get better; there's more story to tell. It’s really important that we continue to follow the character’s growth and evolution as the show progresses. Additionally, it also opens up strong potential to explore themes of broken families in a more helpful and constructive way.


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