Insurance company Churchill have changed the face of their company with a brand new dog. Say goodbye to the bobble and hello to CGI.

The Churchill dog is one of the most iconic faces of advertising in the UK. With a deep bellowing voice, adorably chubby cheeks and a smile that says welcoming reliability, the nodding bulldog has been an advertising powerhouse since 1996.

Novelty bobbing-head toys can be seen in the back of car boots across the country while the “oh yes” slogan has done the rounds from online memes to hilarious one-liners at parties – we’ve all done it!

However, it looks as if the Churchill company have decided to test out a rebrand, wheeling in a new canine friend on a skateboard and adding a new voice to the friendly pup.

Here’s what fans have made of the 2019 Churchill dog…

Meet the 2019 Churchill Dog

On October 3rd, the insurance company posted a video of their latest advertising campaign, featuring a very different looking Churchill and a rebrand to focus on the lettering of ‘chill’ within the brand name.

The advert has infuriated many viewers online with its classically 2019 concept. 

There’s a sickeningly upbeat and ‘let’s all be happy’ backing track from someone called Britney Stoney. The track is called O.D and it has just 2,000 views on Spotify and 6,000 views on YouTube at the time of the advert drop, making it the perfect ‘quirky’ choice for a rebrand in 2019.

Doggy Churchill is now a 2019 CGI clone – riding a skateboard of course – and has a different voice.


While a smidge of CGI has been used to help plop the pup on a skateboard, another photo from the company has revealed the true identity of the dog.

Perhaps they did this to smooth over any angry fans… you can’t hate a dog.

Who is the new Churchill voice?

Churchill never actually spoke in the new video, meaning it’s not 100% confirmed that he has a new voice.

However, there was a new voice addition as a narrator said “isn’t this how insurance is supposed to feel” before adding the trademark “oh yes” slogan.

The ad also included the hashtag #ChurchillTheDog and the video was named ‘the new Churchill’, which pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for the nodding Churchill dog of old. The voice over is not performed by anyone famous and HITC have reached out for an exact name on who does the voice.

Comedian Bob Mortimer has been the original voice of Churchie since 1996 although this era looks to have ended. Ads that ran until 2004 also featured Bob’s comedy partner partner Vic Reeves, who would ask Churchill questions.

Fans react on Twitter

Immediate fan reaction to the new Churchill dog has not been positive, although rebranding never goes down well with public at first – people hated the relaunch of Instagram!

Most comments have centred around the point of whether changing the beloved dog was “necessary”.

One angry Twitter used ranted: “He’s disgusting. What is wrong with you people? How did this pass the art director as good? How bad were the other designs that this one was chosen? This is an outrage of the worst kind.”

A popular meme has likened Churchill to an old guy trying to fit in at school by wearing his cap backwards… and carrying a skateboard.

Other users have said that the company has “stripped the dog” of all of his personality in exchange for a skateboard while others have found a clever Harry Potter meme to tie together the new branding.


Let us know what you think of the new advert in the comments!

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