Even though he disappeared from the site almost two years ago, fans are still calling for LeafyIsHere to return to YouTube.

Despite popular belief, YouTube and indeed the creators on the site won’t be around forever. 

With the changing environment of the online video sharing site constantly throwing obstacles in the way of YouTubers big and small, it’s no wonder that some creators feel as if they’ve had enough.

One such YouTuber to pack up and leave the website behind is LeafyIsHere who has not been active on YouTube for a number of years now.

But just why did he quit YouTube despite his millions of fans calling for him to stay?

Who is Leafy?

LeafyIsHere, whose real name is Calvin Lee Vail, is a YouTuber who, over a four-year period, became one of the site’s fastest-growing and most-watched creators and in typical YouTube fashion was also involved in his fair share of controversy.

His channel was set up in 2011 but his first video didn’t come until 2013. Leafy’s content focused mainly on reaction and commentary videos with a number of gaming videos making their way onto the channel as well. 

Over his relatively short career on YouTube, Leafy earned a hugely impressive 4.8 million subscribers at the channel’s peak, a number which, at the time of writing, currently stands just under 4.2 million despite almost two years of inactivity.

His disappearance from YouTube

Leafy’s departure from YouTube back in December 2017 was unexpected by his millions of subscribers. His usually rigorous uploading schedule had slowed somewhat in the weeks before he seemingly quit YouTube for good which many took as a sign of waning interest in uploading videos.

It wasn’t just YouTube that Leafy abandoned as his Twitter account has also been barren since May 2017.

No reason for Leafy’s departure was ever given directly to his fanbase but in a 2018 interview with Keemstar, Leafy hinted at the possible reason for his departure.

He said that he’d been investing his money in the stock market in his time away from YouTube and that adsense, Google’s ad revenue system, was at an all-time high during his career, something which has since plummeted following a number of YouTube controversies.

This has led many to believe that Leafy’s YouTube career was motivated almost entirely by making money and stopped once the ability to make a living on YouTube became a much tougher prospect. 

Fans still want him to return

Even though we’re approaching two years since the YouTuber departed the site, fans of LeafyIsHere still clamour for the creator to return and regularly take to social media to express this message. 

Whether LeafyIsHere ever returns to YouTube remains to be seen but given the creator’s complete lack of activity for almost two years, it’s becoming ever more unlikely. 

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