Netflix viewers have been left somewhat dissatisfied with the ending of Korean drama Cheese in the Trap.

In order to maintain its dominance in the streaming industry, Netflix has been churning out and acquiring content to please its audience all over the world.

That means that alongside your typical TV series such as Stranger Things, Netflix also releases content such as Cheese in the Trap, a South Korean university-based drama.

The series has earned itself a reasonable audience and for the most part, received plenty of praise, since it released on Netflix on October 1st.

However, its ending has left a number of viewers wanting and they’ve certainly not held back in voicing their concerns online.

Cheese in the Trap on Netflix

Cheese in the Trap, which originally released in Korea in 2016, tells the story of a university student, Hong Seol, and focuses particularly on her finely-poised relationship with Yoo Jung.

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While Seol hails from a poor background, Jung is the complete opposite as he is the heir to a huge corporation in the form of the Taerang Group.

Despite Jung having a seemingly perfect life with all the money anyone could possibly need, he often displays questionable and almost psychopathic behaviour towards Seol. 

Cheese in the Trap’s ending

After spending much of the series in an awkward relationship, Seol and Jung end the series apart from one another. 

Seol has been left emotionally downbeat by their break-up and repeatedly sends Jung emails, none of which he has responded to or even read.

However, the very last shot of the entire series shows that Jung opens and reads one of Seol’s messages and we hear his disembodied voice calling out her name before the episode ends with a montage of the couple from throughout the series, leaving viewers unaware of what comes next in the story of Jung and Seol. 

What do viewers make of it?

Despite many viewers enjoying the series as a whole, the ambiguous ending to Cheese in the Trap has left some viewers a touch dissatisfied and asking for more. 


Cheese in the Trap is available to stream now on Netflix after it arrived on the streaming service in October 2019. 

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