A simple guide for how to easily take out 5 harmless goats in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour has surpassed the downloads of Call Of Duty Mobile so far with 90 million, but you still can’t play multiplayer meaning you’re subjected to bots and challenges alone. And there’s new challenges that need to be completed such as harshly taking out 5 harmless goats.

The launch of Mario Kart Tour has been odd thanks to the omissions of multiplayer and Luigi, and it hasn’t been received perfectly as users on Reddit have accused it of being Nintendo at their greediest.

Whether or not you’re in favour of its microtransactions and gold subscription fee, this simple guide will tell you how to easily complete the take out 5 goats challenge.

How to take out 5 goats in Mario Kart Tour

Needless to say, the take out 5 goats challenge in Mario Kart Tour is a task that requires you to be a fiendish a-hole with no regard for the safety of animals. In this case goats.

In order to do this challenge, you will first need to pick a racetrack full of unsuspecting goats. The easiest is Daisy Hills.

You should be able to complete the challenge with ease, but if you’re a drunken sod behind the wheel of your mobile phone then acquiring a Giant Mushroom should make for easy squishing.

A Green Shell should also allow you to hit the required amount of goats provided you have enough wits about you to be pinpoint accurate, but again the Giant Mushroom is the easiest means available. Either that or Frenzy.

This challenge is essentially the same as taking out the three pipes, so you should find it a doddle. You’ll then be able to move onto other challenges like performing 30 mini turbo-boosts in one race.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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