A simple guide for how to complete the 30 mini-turbo boosts in one race challenge for Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour has reached 90 million downloads to make it the fastest ever mobile game at launch, but you can’t play against any of these racers thanks to the title’s lack of multiplayer at the moment. You can instead focus on the game’s challenges, with one of many requiring you to perform 30 mini-turbo boosts in a single race.

A lot of people have complained about Mario Kart Tour‘s microtransactions, its gold subscription fee and rejection of Luigi, but its challenges are somewhat enough of a reason to keep coming back.

And below you can discover how to complete the 30 mini-turbo boosts in one race achievement.

How to do 30 mini turbo boosts in Mario Kart Tour

The complete 30 mini-turbo boosts in a single race is a daunting challenge on paper, but it can be made a lot easier. You’ll want to pick a circuit which doesn’t have ramps or many dash panels, with the Toad and Yoshi Circuit both being fine options.

However, before you even get behind the steering wheel, you’ll want to load the match in 50CC. You do this after selecting your desired course, racer, kart and glider, and then changing the automatic CC to 50 – a.k.a. Leisurely.

The reason you want to change to 50CC is that it makes the race slower and the drivers around you less skilled and aggressive. This should make it easier to complete 30 mini-turbo boosts in a single race of two laps.

Unfortunately, the game won’t count your mini-turbo boosts for you. So basically you’ll have to use your noggin to count how many you’ve done. In short, just keep doing mini-turbo boosts until you reach the end of the race.

To perform a mini-turbo boost, you need to be drifting until you see blue sparks. Do this repeatedly until you reach the end of the race, and don’t pay any mind to your position or the other drivers.

You can make this challenge even easier by turning on Smart Steering; a nifty hand-holding setting that assists you in – what else – steering on course.

A helpful visualisation for this challenge comes via YouTuber ChickN.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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