If you’re looking for a hard-hitting docuseries, look no further.

Once again, Netflix has proven that documentaries are more essential than ever. 

We all like to kick back with a good doc every so often, but it’s easy to forget just how much they teach us. Sometimes it’s not just about how many facts you can list off after watching an episode or a film, but how much they enhance or encourage your own awareness of world issues. 

The streaming service has delivered a lot of true crime documentaries as of late, and right now interest in such subjects seems to be on the increase. On the other hand, one of the more imperative docs to surface this year is the six-part series Living Undocumented. 

Immigration has long been a recurring topic in the news, but actually, most know very little about it on the whole. However, this timely piece of work – also executive produced by Selena Gomez – is here to help nurture empathy for those who are faced with a troubling reality of restrictions and relinquishment of rights. 

Living Undocumented on Netflix

The series is co-directed by Aaron Saidman and Anna Chai and centres upon eight undocumented immigrant families who are trying their best to live a happy life in the United States.

It landed on the streaming service on Wednesday, October 3rd 2019 and stands as a mosaic of determination, struggles and humanity – but sadly, lack thereof too. 

Audiences who have already binged their way through one of the year’s most essential Netflix titles have been shocked and appalled by the inequalities and treatment on display here. However, most will be incredibly moved by the work of Martinez Immigration Law – particularly the admirable and awe-inspiring Andrea Martinez…

Living Undocumented: Andrea Martinez

One of the superheroes of the documentary is immigration lawyer Andrea Martinez. 

As outlined on the Martinez Immigration website, her impactful work extends across immigration law – covering family-based visas and far beyond – in ensuring those who are threatened have the help they deserve. 

The source notes that before she speaks fluent Spanish and before she began privately she was a federal judicial law clerk to the Honorable Eric G. Bruggink over at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.; very impressive indeed.

Along with working for under a year in Guatemala helping others to prosecute child sex offenders and serving as a law clerk to six immigration judges in Arlington Immigration Court, she has achieved so much in her outstanding career. 

In terms of education, her bio on the site lists:

– J.D. American University Washington College of Law, 2007

– B.A. Cross-Cultural Services, John Brown University, magna cum laude, 2004

– A.S. Broadcasting, John Brown University, 2004


Twitter fans praise the Netflix documentary

One Twitter user wrote: “Living Undocumented, now streaming on Netflix. My client, Andrea Martinez, Esq. is featured. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, watch & think deeply about whether our system is unfairly targeting and attacking individuals who have a right, under law, to asylum.”

Another expressed their thoughts on the series’ importance, saying: “I really hope EVERYONE watches #LivingUndocumented on Netflix and gets educated. A lot of y’all don’t even understand the process or the struggle…”

Additionally, a viewer added: “Just finished #LivingUndocumented and my heart goes out to all the families that have dealt and are still dealing with ICE and deportation across the US.”

Living Undocumented is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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