October is finally upon which, apart from the impending arrival of Halloween, can only mean one thing, Inktober is back!

The internet is full of weird and wonderful trends that come and go throughout the year. From strange challenges to charitable causes, there’s never a quiet moment in the online world. 

One of the most fascinating and creativity-inspiring trends that comes about each year is Inktober which offers budding artists the chance to express their talents.

As you can probably guess from its name, Inktober arrives in October each year and provides social media sites with a wave of creative talent but, if you haven’t discovered Inktober until now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is Inktober and how do I get involved?

What is Inktober?

In essence, Inktober is a month-long social media event that sees people of all levels of artistic talent create some wonderful artwork and post it social media.

It’s a fairly simple premise but since the first event in 2012, it’s grown into quite the online occasion with thousands taking part each year. 

The actual event sees artists of any talent level take part in a month of drawing, creating a new piece of inked art for each day of October.

While it’s not compulsory, many of those who take part follow the official prompt list which offers up a single word which participants can use for inspiration. The 2019 prompt list can be found below.

How to get involved

Very easily. 

All you need is a pen, plenty of paper and the tenacity to keep up with the month-long event. 

If you want to follow the official prompts, which can be found just below, you simply draw whatever comes to mind when confronted with the prompt in question and post the end result to social media using the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2019.

It really is that easy.

What are this year’s prompts? 

2019 offers up participants plenty of artistic potential with 31 brand new prompts that will surely lead to plenty of stunning artwork.

Included in this year’s prompt list are the following:

While we may already be a few days into October, at the time of writing, it’s never too late to join in with Inktober.

As you can see from the prompt list above, there are plenty of prompts coming up in the next few days which offer up lots of artistic potential and you certainly won’t want to miss out.

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