Dina Asher-Smith may be making history on-track but what do we know about her off-track?

History has been made at the 2019 World Athletics Championships as Dina Asher-Smith earned herself and Great Britain their first-ever women’s world or Olympic spriting title, becoming Britain’s fastest woman in history.

On October 2nd, Dina Asher-Smith comfortably won the 200m event with a time of 21.88, claiming gold and the World Championship title in the process. 

Earlier in the week, Asher-Smith picked up a very respectable second place and silver in the 100m with a time of 10.83. Both her times in the 100 and 200m events are both national records.

But aside from her incredible sporting prowess, just who is Dina Asher-Smith and what makes her tick off track?

Get to know Dina Asher-Smith

Dina Asher-Smith, whose full first name is actually Geraldina, was born in Orpington, London in December 1995.

Even from an early age, she had a passion for athletics and at just eight-years-old, she enlisted into the junior ranks of Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club where she met coach John Blackie who still coaches the incredibly talented Asher-Smith to this day.

She isn’t just a dedicated track fiend though and has an impressive education behind her as well after excellent A-Level results won her a place at the prestigious King’s College London in 2014 where she graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in 2017.

Who are her parents?

Dina’s parents are Julie and Winston Asher-Smith. Both of them were originally from Jamaica but settled in the United Kingdom where they raised Dina after she was born in 1995.

Little else is known about Dina’s parents but it’s clear from her sporting and educational accolades that they have been very supportive of her and allowed her to thrive and push herself to be the best she could be.   

Does she have a partner?

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Dina Asher-Smith is in a relationship. 

It would appear that, for the time being, Dina is single and is understandably very much focusing on her athletics career, especially with the 2020 Olympics in Toyko only around the corner.

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Is she racing again in the 2019 World Athletics Championships? 


Dina Asher-Smith is a vital part of the British 4x100m relay team and is expected to race again in Doha.

The heats for the 4x100m relay are scheduled for 18:40 GMT October 4th with the final event taking place at 20:05 GMT on October 5th.

Two years ago London, Asher-Smith and her Team GB colleagues won silver and will no doubt be hoping to go one better this time around. 

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