Why did Aaron Carter get a Rihanna tattoo on his face?

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Aaron Carter is back in the news after getting a tattoo of a well-known music artist on his face.

Tattoos are a risky business, or at least they can be if you're quite an indecisive person prone to changing their mind.

Once you get that ink permanently etched into your skin, it's staying there forever so you had better be sure that the tattoo you're getting is one you'll be happy with for life.

That's certainly the case for music artist Aaron Carter who has recently revealed a new tattoo and it's rather eye-catching you might say as he's got an image of fellow music artist Rihanna emblazoned on the side of his face.

But just why did Aaron get the tattoo? What could possibly be the inspiration behind it?

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Who is Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter, whose older brother Nick is a member of The Backstreet Boys, is a music artist with five studio albums to his name, the most recent of which released in 2018 after a 16-year break between albums.

He began his music career in 1995 and released his first album in 1997 on the eve of his 10th birthday. The child star went onto to release three more albums in 2000, 2001 and 2002 before he spent the next few years touring. 

Since reaching adulthood, Aaron has often been a controversial figure with a number of drug-related arrests to his name as well as driving offences.

In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy to shed over $3.5 million in debt, most of which was unpaid tax from the height of his popularity. By 2014, however, his debt had been settled. 

In more recent times, Aaron is believed to have fallen out with his brother and twin sister who have supposedly taken out restraining orders against him according to the E! News video below.

His new tattoo

The latest in a long line of headline-making moments from Aaron Carter is his new tattoo.

His new tattoo is supposedly of fellow music artist Rihanna but with snakes for hair, similar in style to the Gorgon from Greek mythology.

What makes the tattoo even more bizarre is that fact that he's got it emblazoned on the left-hand side of his face and it's not exactly small. 

According to Metro, Carter's tattoo artist had to stop Aaron from getting the tattoo slap-bang in the middle of his face and instead managed to persuade a re-think on the tattoo's location.

Aaron Carter Tattoo

Why? Just, why?

The exact reason for Aaron Carter to get a tattoo of Rihanna on his face has not been revealed.

Perhaps Aaron is just a massive fan of Rihanna?

However, it has come to light that a GQ photoshoot featuring Rihanna in 2013 was the inspiration behind the snake-themed ink itself.

Since getting the tattoo, Aaron has appeared both on social media and in public with his new face artwork and would appear happy with the new addition but you have to wonder what the music artist plans on doing next.

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