Fans far and wide have paid respects to the wonderful Jessye Norman.

Music fans were shaken recently upon hearing the news of Jessye Norman’s passing.

The 74-year-old American opera singer departed on Monday, September 30th 2019 due to complications from a spinal cord injury, The Guardian highlights.

She was renowned for a number of stunning roles – Wagner’s Sieglinde, Ariadne by Richard Strauss etc. – and has cultivated a loving fanbase over the decades. Jessye began her career in Europe and won the ARD International Music Competition in Munich back in 1969; it was all progress from there.

Across her eternal work, she spellbound audiences far and wide, signing to opera lovers, royalty and far beyond. Just ahead of the new century (1999), she was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and boasts a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and other impressive accolades.

Jessye Norman was truly one-of-a-kind. 

Jessye Norman performs on stage at Philharmonie on June 16, 2009 in Munich, Germany.

Was Jessye Norman married?

No, it appears Jessye Norman wasn’t married. 

In The Guardian‘s obituary, they concluded: “She is survived by two of her siblings, James and Elaine.”

The phenomenally talented operatic soprano had an incredibly busy and enriched life, which the aforementioned obituary very lovingly and fondly conveys. Even in her later years in the current century, Jessye was able to adapt to limitations and captivate an entire room without fail – often it was the additional nuance she brought to performances which kept eagle-eyed fans particularly mesmerised.  

Since her passing, many fans have taken to social media to recall memories of her, her work and pay respects to a musical icon. 

Twitter pays tribute!

Across Twitter, there are some lovely words written about Jessye Norman. 

Mike Bloomberg wrote: “Jessye Norman was an American treasure who gave so much back to New York through her philanthropic service. I was honoured to present her with NYC’s highest cultural honour – the Handel Medallion – in 2009. Her voice and her good work will live on for many years to come.”

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart expressed: “The power of her voice singing Strauss’s ‘Es gibt en Reich’ could break any writer’s block I suffered then. But listening to it now that her voice is with the angels breaks my heart. How lucky for heaven. How sad for us to lose such a wonderful soul.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson also tweeted: “An opera soprano whose voice was so ethereal, at times it was too perfect for this world, and perhaps any other in the Universe.”

The family statement

According to USA Today, the statement released to The Associated Press on Monday states that the singer moved on at 7:54 a.m. as a result of septic shock and multi-organ failure relating to a spinal injury back in 2015. Her loved ones were present when she passed at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York.

Within the family statement reads: “We are so proud of Jessye’s musical achievements and the inspiration that she provided to audiences around the world that will continue to be a source of joy. We are equally proud of her humanitarian endeavours addressing matters such as hunger, homelessness, youth development, and arts and culture education.”

She will be missed. 

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