The Capture features a certain Ian Pirie in its later episodes but just who is the relatively unknown actor?

The BBC are renowned for producing brilliant drama series. From the likes of Line of Duty, The Night Manager and even Peaky Blinders, there’s usually something to watch on one of the BBC’s channels. 

Recently it’s been the BBC drama The Capture that’s enthralled and gripped audiences with its storyline that hits all too close to home in our technology-driven digital age. 

As the series nears its end, we’re finally being given the information to start unravelling the mysteries of the series thanks to the introduction of some key new characters.

One such character is played by Ian Pirie, an actor with some huge Hollywood blockbusters under his belt and yet his name is far from a household one. 

What’s The Capture about?

The Capture tells the story of a British soldier, Lance Corporal Shaun Emery, who after returning home from Afghanistan and being acquitted of a war crime, is subject to another investigation after he’s accused of kidnapping and murdering his barrister.

What makes matters worse is the emergence of damning CCTV footage that all but confirms his involvement in the murder.

However, the up-and-coming Detective Inspector Rachel Carey begins to uncover a conspiracy theory that calls into question not only the validity of the CCTV footage but also her trust in the people she works with.

Who is Ian Pirie and what’s his role in The Capture?

Ian Pirie is a Scottish actor who was born in Aberdeen in 1966. However, it wasn’t until the age of 30 when Pirie turned acting into his profession when in 1996 he joined the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar without any formal training and his career has since featured appearances in some huge Hollywood blockbusters. 

In The Capture, Ian Pirie plays a character known as Kenny, an underground operative who aids Shaun Emery in his attempts to clear his name.

He wasn’t introduced until the series’ third episode but has made a considerable difference since appearing alongside his apparent colleague Charlie.

What else has Ian Pirie appeared in?

As mentioned, Ian Pirie got into the acting game quite late comparatively speaking and has since gone onto appear in some major films and TV shows and yet his name is hardly recognisable. 

After making his acting debut in the stage show Jesus Christ Superstar, Pirie went onto perform with the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) and also worked alongside the likes of Sean Bean and Samantha Bond in Edward Hall’s version of Macbeth.

His debut on screen came in 1999, according to IMDb, with a single-episode appearance in Life Support. It wasn’t long before Pirie became a regular presence on TV though with roles coming thick and fast in the likes of Grange Hill, Casualty, Endeavour and some big-name productions such as DaVinci’s Demons, The ABC Murders and Chernobyl. 

However, it is Ian’s film credits that really catch the eye. In 2002, just six years after taking up acting, Pirie appeared in the Bond movie Die Another Day which was followed with roles in the likes of Gangs of New York, The Dark Knight and an appearance in Les Miserables as Babet. 

While Pirie may be an actor who has gone under the radar, it surely won’t be long until he’s back on our screens again in another role to further add to what has been a distinguished career.

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