Will Smith has launched an exclusive Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-themed clothing line – and it features that funky school jacket!

Will Smith set a long line of trends during his legendary performances on 1990’s hit The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

A cult classic in the UK, the hilarious sitcom won countless awards from Golden Globe’s to Emmy’s and Teen Choice Awards. It could have picked up a hatful of style and fashion awards, too, as Will, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley and even DJ Jazzy Jeff set the tone for funky 90s trends.

Those trends have picked up again in the 20th century with thrift shops and retro styles sweeping the nation.

One iconic Fresh Prince garm has been replicated and re-hashed in all possible forms without ever truly hitting the mark. We’re talking about Will Smith’s school jacket, which he famously wore inside out to display a funky paisley print on a vibrant red background.

Thanks to a new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air range you can get a fitted and exact replica of that jacket – here’s how!

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Will Smith and the importance of his jacket

Will’s ‘inside out’ jacket as it was known on the show proved a revolutionary idea from producers. In the first few episodes, Will could be seen standing out from the rest of the Bel-Air pupils thanks to his bright red jacket that was detailed with a fine blue and gold paisley print.

A couple of episodes later and a flashback story helped to explain that the jacket was, in fact, the official Bel-Air school blazer.

Will had simply decided to wear the garment inside out. It’s never been explained whether producers always had this concept in mind or whether they decided to add the feature at a later date, given the fact that the ‘inside out jacket’ wasn’t explained in episode 1. Either way, the blazer proved a masterstroke!

The jacket gave Will a unique and easily identifiable look, presenting him with slick fashion and style when everyone else looked like boring clones, just as school uniform is supposed to.

We’re sure Will’s blazer craze gave kids across the country extra time in detention although the symbolic appearance of being unique was surely worth it, and the concept still stands strong in todays fashion society.

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How to buy the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air range

In May 2019, Will Smith launched a one-off and limited edition Fresh Prince range, with Bel-Air-printed sportswear available to buy for 72 hours only.

Due to the success of the retro items on sale, Will has pushed out another line with more pieces added to his collection, including a Bel-Air basketball and replica school gym bag.

With prices ranging from USA $6 to US $200, before postage, most of the items are easily affordable if you’re looking for a kick of nostalgia and iconic reference piece to add to your wardrobe.

Simply head to the website here and get your 90s shop on.

Five must-buy items including the Bel-Air jacket!

Number one on the list is obviously Will Smith’s incredibly cool school jacket. At £88 it’s not horrendously expensive and can be worn both ways, making it an exact replica to the one on the show.

Literally, this jacket is the ultimate conversation-starter for anyone who grew up watching late 90s TV.

The women’s hoodie comes in a cropped design with a raw hem – which is super cute!

A £56 price tag is the only downfall, so it depends whether you’re a Fresh Prince super-fan or simply want a cheap accessory.

If you need something with the Bel-Air school logo on but want more than a generic T, we recommend the 6-panel cap.

The stylish embroidery is complimented with a simple blue body and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg at £28. 

One of the cheapest items on the website is also one of our favourite’s – the Fresh-Prince socks. If you’re going to get socks in your stocking this Christmas then you might as well ask Santa for these.

Finally, the Fresh-Prince basketball is the ultimate purchase for those Bel-Air lovers who need a stunning piece of memorabilia. 

Mixed with the jacket’s blue body and inside out red paisley print, it’s an item that deserves a place on a mantle piece rather than on the courts.

Coasting £56, the Fresh Prince basketball is definitely worth those extra few pound coins.

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